The Most Interesting Hiking/Trekking Trails in Peru

Peru holds a surfeit of hiking trails which may appear as a treasure for outdoor adventure lovers. With a wide display of climate types, appealing rivers and jungles full of challenges, Peru is one of the most exquisite places to visit for an outdoor adventure.

At specific times of the year, this location has a lot to present and impress tourists with depending on your physical ability and the taste of exploration. This article will help you take a closer look at the best trek trails that Peru has to offer.

Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

inca trail peru

This trail sure offers a challenge even to the most experienced hikers. However, the ancient and beautiful sights that can be seen on the way keeps the trail interesting and highly motivating. The old trails built by Incas are a pleasure to follow when the hikers trek through the unbelievable Andean scenes, eventually going down to the Amazon Jungle.

The exploration of the amazing settlements and witnessing the sun gate succeeds in fascinating people from all parts of the world. Judging from the reviews of the people, it would not be wrong to say that this is the best one out of all the treks in Peru.

Salkantay Trek

Salkantay Trek

By any chance, if you miss your booking at the Inca Trail make sure to try out its extremely attractive alternative, the Salkantay Trek. By offering multiple trails, it will not fail to overcome your disappointment of missing the Inca trail. The high altitude forces you to breathe deeply in order to avoid sickness in the thin air, making the trip more and more venturesome. The exquisite views of the great Andes fascinates one’s senses!

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This trek will take you past old and isolated footpaths, reaching the Savage Mountain which is the opposite of what its name suggests. Savage is extremely peaceful and somewhere more majestic than the Inca Trail. National Geographic Travel Magazine didn’t name Salkantay among the world’s 25 best treks for nothing!

Lares Trek

Lares Trek

On the east side of your destination from the Inca Trail i.e. Machu Picchu, a van or bus can take you to the beginning of your Lares Trek trail. It may be shorter in distance but the high altitude surely gives a much more adventurous feel to the hiker. It is advisable to make a reservation at a popular company for this one as the Lares Trek requires effective planning. No wonder that the Lares trek is a remarkable alternative to any other trek in Peru.

Santa Cruz Trek

Santa Cruz Trek

Hiking through the enormous white mountains of Peru, the feeling one gets is indescribable. The glorious views can be enjoyed the most with the best weather, which is at its best from May to September. Santa Cruz, due to being safe from bandits and hence having lesser restrictions is usually preferred by tourists because they just feel a greater sense of freedom.

This place is the perfect combination of all the aspects that may excite a nature explorer. As this place offers a wide variety of trek trails, it is advisable to visit it when you have a lot of time to spare. It is Peru after all! How could anyone not have fun while being in Peru when this is the place that seems to have been especially created for having fun and feeling happy!

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