Bleisure Travel Tips For Hoteliers

Bleisure travel was already on the rise prior to the pandemic, but its growth has really surged over the past several months – creating an excellent opportunity for hoteliers.

Enjoying a coffee au lait and croissant under the Eiffel Tower in Paris, walking along South Beach in Miami or crossing Tower Bridge in London is far more fulfilling when shared with loved ones and friends.

1. Offer unique experiences

Business travel can be tedious and boring, but adding leisure activities to work trips is an easy way to turn them into enjoyable vacations. By adding leisure activities onto work trips, travelers can experience local sights and flavors while creating lasting memories. Planning is key when embarking on a bleisure trip: make a list of sites and experiences you wish to see and schedule them around business commitments; once your itinerary is set in stone make sure you pack appropriately for both parts of the journey so as to fully immerse in any new interests you discover without disrupting work attire!

Bleisure travel is becoming an increasingly popular trend among business travelers, making it essential for hotels to adapt with this emerging market. By offering unique experiences to draw in bleisure travelers and increase revenue. This is particularly important in tourist spots where more time will be spent at the property by these guests; potentially inviting more colleagues or friends.

Hotels seeking to attract bleisure travelers must provide experiences that combine professionalism and fun. For instance, if your hotel offers spa treatments, consider creating a specialized bleisure package which includes both relaxation and sightseeing experiences in order to attract such travelers while meeting work goals simultaneously.

Hotels should expand upon existing experiences by creating new ones that appeal to bleisure travelers. If your hotel offers group tours, consider designing a specific bleisure-friendly package tailored specifically for families traveling with children – this will ensure they all can participate and build stronger business relationships between yourselves and clients alike!

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Finalizing their efforts to promote their bleisure offerings through corporate travel management companies and online travel booking platforms will ensure bleisure travelers know about the unique experiences provided at their property while streamlining the booking process.

2. Make it easy for people to switch between business and pleasure

As more travelers turn business trips into “bleisure vacations”, many add extra leisure days onto business trips in order to see concerts, hike mountains, or explore a new city, this trend has become popular with millennials, Gen Xers and baby boomers seeking maximum vacation time with minimal cost for airfare and hotel rates normally covered by their work. Mini vacations provide budget friendly solutions while still allowing travelers to explore local attractions while filing expense reports or attending meetings back at home on return home.

According to experts, catering to bleisure travelers requires a different strategy than accommodating leisure and corporate guests. One major difference lies in price sensitivity: these guests may demand lower costs when booking business group events or room blocks.

Promoting your property to bleisure travelers requires emphasizing amenities that help them seamlessly transition between work and pleasure, such as internet cafes or private high-speed workstations. Furthermore, highlight any unique cultural experiences nearby as these are often sought-after attractions among these types of travelers.

Another key to successful bleisure travel is providing flexible check-in and checkout times. Bleisure travelers may need to meet with colleagues early or stay late; therefore offering these flexible options can be immensely valuable to those trying to maximize their time at your location.

Flexibility is important, but so too is making sure that your staff understands the differences between business and leisure travel for optimal results. Bleisure travelers often demand more from hotels as they seek ways to combine work with leisure without compromising efficiency or productivity.

Once your team understands these distinctions, attracting more bleisure travelers to your property and increasing revenue should become much simpler. Make sure your facility can easily cater to these guests by offering various amenities; then be sure to communicate these offerings clearly to planners and attendees so they can share them further with their audiences.

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3. Offer hybrid rewards

The bleisure travel trend demonstrates how work and play are increasingly blurred together. Thanks to remote and hybrid work arrangements, business travelers are now able to tailor their itineraries with leisure activities without compromising work commitments – creating an enriching travel experience that benefits both employee and employer.

With the Covid-19 pandemic sweeping across America, more people are working from home and turning business trips into personal vacations. Remote and hybrid work arrangements have increased flexibility while bleisure travel has grown increasingly popular due to experiences like wellness, relaxation, family time, exploring, and adventure – among many others.

As a result, many hotels are shifting their offerings to meet the needs of this burgeoning market. Some hotels are providing “bleisure packages,” which combine spa services, sightseeing trips, dining out and other entertainment into one all-in-one package; others may provide complimentary bike rentals or walking tours as special amenities.

Companies offering experiential activities can benefit from creating targeted marketing campaigns to increase engagement and reach. Social media campaigns, for instance, are an effective way of reaching relevant audiences; travel blogs or professional groups may also help reach your desired demographics more efficiently.

In order to attract business and leisure travelers, create a loyalty program that rewards both types of activities. This will encourage repeat visits while simultaneously increasing revenue. Furthermore, consider adding a “bleisure” option on your booking page so as to encourage this type of travel. Make sure to offer WiFi that is fast and reliable, particularly for digital nomads working remotely. Post-stay surveys can also give valuable insights into what guests expect of you and what can be done to keep them coming back – for instance by tracking key metrics such as WiFi speed and performance, you can determine which features are most popular with leisure guests, which data can then be used to enhance guest experiences and drive bookings.

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4. Make it easy to book

Today’s globalized world is making the distinction between business and leisure travel increasingly blurry, leading more travelers than ever before to extend work trips into fun getaways – something which venues benefit from as bleisure travelers typically spend more than traditional corporate guests and can therefore generate greater revenues from them.

An effective way of attracting bleisure travelers is making booking their stay as seamless and straightforward as possible, including providing flexible check-in and checkout times and offering additional amenities such as spa treatments or dining experiences for sale – this can save them both time and stress, increasing satisfaction as well as revenue at hotels.

As another way of making it easier for bleisure travelers to book their trips, offering reduced rates can make booking easier for bleisure customers. While being mindful not to offend corporate travel planners or in-house travel agents by offering lower prices may cause discomfort for planners and in-house agents, offering reduced prices below their corporate rates may attract bleisure travelers and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Attracting bleisure travelers requires providing special promotions and events tailored to their specific needs. For instance, many bleisure travelers are parents; providing child-centric activities like pool games and arts and crafts programs could help differentiate your venue from competitors and give guests something to look forward to during extended stays.

Bleisure travel is a fast-growing trend that offers many advantages to both businesses and travelers. For businesses, it can boost morale by giving employees access to all the perks of business travel while taking full advantage of vacation days; and for travelers it offers new destinations and lasting memories to explore. By following these tips on successful bleisure travel itineraries you can make the most out of every moment away from the home office!

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