Amazon River Rafting In Peru – A Simple Guide To Help You Enjoy The Experience

For those that are not aware of this, Peru is where the Amazon River has its origins. Because of this, there are some really interesting canyon rivers available, offering white water rafting opportunities that are hard to resist to for fans. There are options available for highly experienced river runners and for novices.

The main rivers that stand out are those flowing through the Cotahusasi and Colca Canyons, those in the Urumbaba Valley and those near to Arequipa. You can experience rafting in an Amazon jungle setting on the Tambopata River and you can also enjoy some interesting white water fun on the Rio Santa.

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If you are a beginner in river rafting and you want to experiment, Peru is a great country to do so. However, you should only consider rivers with classes II and III. If you do have experience, you have access to various sections in classes IV and V. The really hardcore runners will want to experience one of the multiday rafting trips that are constantly arranged for Class V and VI rivers in canyons that are quite remote. The best rafting months are always May to September as water levels will be row. During the Peru raining season, the rivers are really dangerous.

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Where Should You Start Your Peru Amazon Rafting Experience?

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The Amazon’s headwater has different streams, based on definition. We thus have:

  • Rio Maranon – principal source
  • Rio Mantaro – distant source
  • Rio Apurimac – distant uninterrupted flow
  • Rio Urubamba – historic and cultural source

Guides are always available for all this but it is recommended that you take some time to see the options since there can be problems. For instance, with Urubamba and Mantaro, we have poor water quality and trashy banks in various sections. It is a better idea to go for a mainstem or principal source stream. This is the true Upper Amazon River experience you want to experience and the paddling experience is always better.

When To Go River Rafting

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The best times for headwater streams are:

  • Urumbamba – April to December
  • Maranon – May to August or November to December
  • Apurimac – May to June
  • Mantaro – April to May

Experience Necessary For Amazon Rafting In Peru

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There is no whitewater experience that is necessary in most situations, unless you want to go for the sections that are more difficult. However, you do have to be in a proper physical condition. Rafting is not as easy as some may believe.

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Make sure that you try some expeditions in other regions, some that are simpler, in the event that you do not have much experience. That will surely aid you a lot in enjoying the Amazon River rafting experience of Peru more. Safety is always important and guides will show you what areas can be paddled and what areas should be walked.

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