Chile Bird Watching – A Wonderful Experience

When talking about bird watching in Latin America, the most popular destinations are Brazil and Panama but w cannot dismiss what is offered by Chile. There are around 300 bird species including some unusual ones like ostrichlike rhea, pink flamingos, black necked swans, Magallnic woodpeckers, Chilean flickers and torrent dugs, just to name some locations you can consider.

Torres Del Paine, located in Patagonia, is the first place that you want to consider as it is quite perfect for bird watchers, a home for the birds that were mentioned above. If you want to see some Magllanic penguins, you can easily consider Isla Magdalena and Seno Otway, 2 bird sanctuaries that are close to Punta Arenas. You will easily enjoy the best possible bird watching hr if you visit between November and January.

Bird Watching In Chile 2

If you want to see some Humboldt penguins, you can do so at the La Serena National Humboldt Penguin Reserve. It is right off Maitencillo coast but you can also consider the Chiloe penguin reserve. Visit the Chilean Sea area if you want to see some great sea birds like albatrosses, oystercatchers and boobies thanks to the present Humboldt Current. Such birds are visible in all of the Central Coast region.

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Birdwatchers in Chile will also want to visit the scenic Carlos Anwandter Nature Sanctuary close to Valdivia. It is renowned for the wetlands that bring in many birds like ducks, wigeons and grebes. Although there was a black necked swan population that was devastated by a pup mill, the birds are still present, together with various marsh species close to Rio Cruces Nature Sanctuary.

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Many bird species can be seen in the Lake District nothofagus forests. There are 2 great parks you have to consider like Pumalin or Puyehue. Here you can see tapaculo and the Magellanic woodpecker. Chiloe and the Lake District will attract noisy ibis, wigeons and kingfishers. Pink flamingos can be seen at a sanctuary found in Atacama Salt Flat or at the Lauca National Park.

Bird Watching In Chile

Keep in mind that there are not many hotels in Chile that would offer bird watching as a planned activity. This includes the hotels that are regularly geared towards the nature lovers. Because of this, bird watching in Chile will require some sort of planning. At the same time, we recommend hiring a local guide since they can help you to have a better watching experience in Chile.

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