Chile’s Great Outdoor Activities

Chile is a wonderful destination for all people looking for outdoor activities like skiing, white water rafting, surfing, horse rising, fly fishing and even volcano climbing. There is a constant increase in tour operators that fully understand the potential of the country and now offer organized adventure tourism packages.

When you visit Chile for an outdoor adventure, you should know that Pucon is the best starting point and you can experience the following activities.

Kayaking And Rafting In Chile

There are so many streams and rivers in Chile so it should be no surprise to see the huge number of rafting options that are available. You want to consider Rio Futaleufu and Rio Bio Bio, with trips ranging from just one day to weeklong trips. These options are challenging but there are also some that are gentler like Rio Maipo, Rio Petrohue and Rio Trancura.

Excellent kayaking is also available, although it is not as organized as rafting. The best option available with river kayaking is offered by Futaleufu and Bio Bio. If you are more interested in sea kayaking, go to the south as the southern fjords have wonderful flat waters available.

Hiking In Chile

Most of Chile is wild so fantastic hiking is available. Most of the trails actually have vehicle access but there is no countrywide hiking enthusiasm that is present. This means hiking is not as great as in other destinations. There are different long-distance trails to take into account though, many offering rewarding attractions.

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In Chile’s north the climate and landscape are harsh. Hiking is not recommended for tourists so you want to mainly consider the south native forests. Many trails there are placed inside national reserves and parks. Just make sure that park rangers know you will camp overnight.

Speaking about camping, most parks do not allow wild camping. This is mainly because bush and forest fires are very dangerous. Always be sure you properly mark campfires and that you do not break down or chop vegetation when you need fuel. The country’s native flora is mostly endangered.

The most popular hiking destination is Torres Del Paine, with great scenery. Just remember that during the months of January and February it can get crowded.

Fly Fishing In Chile

The country is actually renowned for the fly fishing opportunities available. You can easily catch brook, brown and rainbow trout. Atlantic salmon is also really popular. Fish in Chile are usually not native as they were introduced during the nineteenth century because of sports reasons. Fishing seasons will vary from one season to the next.

Do be sure that you go to Lake District in order to enjoy the very best possible sport fishing. You often do this from riverboats, with Aisen being a great starting point.

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Climbing In Chile

In the Andean cordillera you get many interesting climbing options available. Trekking the volcanoes in Chile’s north is impressive, with Parinacota, Llullaillaco and Ojos del Salado having to be considered. You do not always need crampons and ropes but when they are present, there is a pretty good possibility that only experienced climbers should attempt them. The central Andes region includes Marmolejo, Villarrica and Tupungato as great climbing opportunities.

A problem is that Chile forces so much bureaucracy before you go rock climbing. Advanced permissions may be necessary.

Skiing In Chile

When you want to go skiing in Chile you open the doors to some of the most challenging and finest options in the continent. You want to surely consider La Parva, Portillo, Valle Nevado and El Colorado. Termas de Chillan is very popular although it is not so impressive.

Mountain Biking In Chile

If you want to go cycling, Chile offers numerous little-used but very good dirt roads suitable for mountain bikes. Just remember that it is a little difficult to get a good bike in the country. Checking ahead is needed and a great alternative is to go on a biking excursion that is pre-organized so you get al tents and equipment provided. If you want to cycle in Tierra del Fuego or Patagonia, summer is not a good idea because of very strong winds.

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The country’s beaches accommodate a constantly increasing number of surfers every single year. The very best breaks, especially for left-handers, can be found in Pichilemu. You can also consider visiting the northern part of the country.

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