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Fishing for exotic species is an enjoyable pastime in Florida, and FWRI researchers study how these exotic fish impact native Florida species as well.

Florida anglers can experience the thrill of exotic fishing closer to home with canal and urban lake fishing in Destiny 2. When fishing Exotic fish in Destiny 2, players are awarded with an Exotic Engram which can then be turned in at H.E.L.M for redemption.


Tanzania, an East African country twice the size of California, boasts incredible inland lakes, river and coastal fishing opportunities. From exotic islands and sun-kissed beaches to its beautiful wildlife and incredible wetlands teeming with life – including some ferocious game fish! Tanzania’s many pristine lakes and rivers provide anglers with ample opportunity to test themselves against some of the toughest game fish around – truly an angler’s dream destination.

Mnyera and Ruhudji rivers of southern Tanzania are renowned for producing massive Nile perch – locally known as “tiger fish” due to its speed and aggression – known locally as “tiger fish” (Hydrocyon hydrocyon). Tiger fish have been known to reach over 20 pounds and can be caught both using fly fishing gear as well as conventional equipment.

Tanzania’s inshore fishing activity is rapidly expanding. The country’s stunning wetlands provide the ideal breeding grounds for various fish species to flourish in, with their high concentration of nutritious bacteria aiding growth. Furthermore, mangrove roots offer protection from predators until fish reach maturity enough to move out into open waters themselves.

Tanzania has also become increasingly popular as an area for both coastal and deep sea fishing. Tanzania’s coastal waters boast abundant groupers and red snappers, while Unguja and Pemba’s northern and eastern parts provide fantastic opportunities to catch pelagic species such as tuna, marlin and swordfish – the peak season for yellowfin tuna is August to October while December to March is optimal.

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East Africa Tours’ extended fishing Tanzania safaris specialize in offering day visits to some of the region’s great lakes and rivers for lake fishing, while at the same time visiting one of Tanzania’s iconic safari parks – so visitors can experience both its lush landscapes and abundant wildlife!

Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is an idyllic fishing haven, providing some of the best Salmon, Halibut and Trout fishing available anywhere. Surrounded by ocean waters yet offering an abundance of freshwater lakes and rivers – making Vancouver Island a true fishing paradise!

Saltwater fishing here commences shortly after the New Year with an intense feeder Chinook (king) fishery, eventually giving way to Coho and Sockeye salmon as the season goes on. Furthermore, beach salmon fishing near Port Hardy, Port McNeil, Campbell River and Qualicum Beach provides fantastic beach salmon opportunities during changing tides; ideal times are during low tide when fish move close to shore in anticipation of spawning.

Ladysmith, Sooke, Victoria and Port Renfrew boast year-round Salmon and Halibut fisheries centered on Ladysmith, Sooke, Victoria and Port Renfrew in the south, offering year-round Salmon and Halibut fishing along with exceptional crabbing, bottom fishing and sandy beaches. Fish from sockeye to tyee runs are seen each month through Juan de Fuca Strait; summer and fall months produce prized Tyee Chinooks (30lb+).

The southern part of Vancouver Island provides exceptional light-tackle and fly fishing opportunities for trout such as Rainbow and Cutthroat trout, while an abundant Smallmouth Bass fishery exists across many lakes in this region.

As if that weren’t enough, this region is home to an abundant halibut population, one of the most exciting fish to target on a rod and reel due to its tug-of-war battle. Anglers in this area commonly target them using bait such as herring, squid and anchovy; herring being one of the more commonly used options.

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Vancouver Island is an immensely popular fishing destination, drawing anglers from all around the world and offering something for every taste. Ang and Pete have explored this breathtaking Canadian province more than once, placing it as one of their top five exotic fishing locations. Before setting foot onto its waters, however, it is advised to first purchase a fishing license either locally at your tackle shop or online at BC Government – Recreational Fishing Licensing.


Imagine fishing on an unspoiled wild river where no one else is around; an oasis where casting your line in peace leads to soul-refreshing lakes where you can then picnic your catch! That dream drives thousands of anglers each summer to Alaska — many returning year after year.

Alaska is an incredible travel destination even without fishing – as one of the country’s largest states it boasts over 50% of its land area in ice-carved fjords, forested shores and national parks. But Alaska offers numerous fishing opportunities. There’s enough coastline in Alaska to wrap twice around the lower 48 states as well as three million lakes, rivers streams and creeks with fish species peaking throughout summer – perfect for both experienced anglers or beginners looking to start out!

Alaska draws thousands of anglers every summer because its ocean currents and ecosystem ensure year-round salmon runs, giving anglers ample opportunities to cast for Kodiak salmon, Coho salmon, pink, sockeye or Chum salmon – no matter their preferred method.

While some visitors come to Alaska for its mountains, wildlife, and tranquil wilderness setting, most arrive to fish. Alaska offers plenty of fishing options from rocky shores to island-dotted waterways – which makes Alaska one of the premier fishing states.

Anchorage offers numerous opportunities to enjoy fishing for big game fish such as Taku Campbell Lake or Dimond Boulevard, or booking a fly-in trip to remote lodges on the Kenai Peninsula. Fishing from urban waters will present ample chances to reel in salmon and halibut; or take to deep-sea charter from Homer or Seward and try for one of its famous barn door or dolly varden!

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers both abundant marine life and stunning landscapes, which makes it the ideal location for anglers seeking both thrills and tranquility in their fishing adventures. Ranging from world-class surf breaks to exotic inshore waters and legendary big game fishing opportunities, there’s something here for every type of angler and adventurer alike.

Costa Rica is renowned for valuing nature and family above all else, which can be seen through their vibrant culture. Boasting 26 national parks and one quarter of their land area dedicated to conservation efforts, Costa Rica has come to be known as “the Switzerland of Central America.”

Big game anglers can enjoy year-round action on marlin, sailfish, dorado, mahi mahi and tuna from both the northern Pacific and Caribbean coasts. Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica’s Corcovado National Park boasts some 5% of biodiversity on Earth – perfect for big game anglers!

Central Pacific waters boast one of the world’s best environments for targeting bucket list roosterfish species, offering healthy fisheries that offer up to 60-lb trophies – no doubt drawing many experienced anglers to Costa Rica with hopes of hunting this legendary species.

Inshore anglers will find paradise fishing the Caribbean side of Osa Peninsula’s freshwater lagoons and rivers for species like tarpon and snook. With expert guides such as Capullo Costa Rica Sportfishing by your side, your dream catch might just be at hand!

Quepos has quickly become one of the premier destinations for inshore fishing on the Pacific side of Osa Peninsula. Anglers can easily target snapper, snook and jack crevalle from custom built sportfishing vessels here.

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