New Zealand’s Best Known Fishing Options

New Zealand is great for those that love fishing since it offers wonderful freshwater, saltwater and big game fishing opportunities. If you want to visit, you will want to get the Sports Fishing Guide that is offered for free by New Zealand Fish And Game Council so that you know all the regulations and rules that have to be respected. Besides that, you just need to get ready for a wonderful fishing experience that should include some of the following destinations.

Freshwater Fishing In New Zealand

Freshwater Fishing In New Zealand

At an international level, New Zealand is renowned for the trout fishing opportunities that are offered. It is well-known as being the perfect country to go to in the event that you want to go wild brown trout fishing. The season for this is from October to April. All streams and rivers are open for the rainbow trout and brown trout fishing, although some local restrictions can appear. If you want to go fishing for trout at another time of the year, you can do this all year round at Lake Te Anau, Lake Wakatipu, Lake Brunner, Lake Taupo and in the Rotorua District.

One of the world’s best trout fishing rivers is Tongariro River, located close to Turangi. You can enjoy fishing there from May to October, with the average trout caught averaging close to 2 kg. If you visit during this period, you can consider Rotorua and Taupo.

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Freshwater fishing is great in almost the entire South Island region. Rainbow trout and quinnat salmon is quite common in Nelson and the best salmon runs are available in Canterbury. If you go fishing in New Zealand’s West Coast region, you will want to seriously consider Lake Brunner, especially if you want to catch brown trout.

Big Game Fishing And Saltwater Fishing In New Zealand

Big Game Fishing And Saltwater Fishing In New Zealand

The best place to consider for deep sea fishing is the coastline of Northland, heading towards Bay Of Plenty. The waters are quite close to the shore and you can easily enjoy fishing for 5 tuna species, yellowtail, broadbill, marlin and even sharks. The main season for fishing runs from January to April. Bases that are well equipped can be found at Bay Of Islands, Tauranga, Whakatane and Whitianga. If you want to, you can go fishing for snapper and kahawai. Licenses will not be necessary.

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