Facts about the diving out

The ocean has always attracted us with its rich beauty and interesting objects under its surface. To use this fascination in a commercially viable way, people in the tourism industry created diving packages for tourists. This makes it possible for regular people to enjoy the sights and sounds of the sea. A diving package holiday can be a dream vacation for you as it will charm and refresh after you are drained from your daily routine all throughout the year.  So the next time you are planning a holiday, give the ski resorts and forests and city tours a miss and go for a dive package holiday.


How to find

Selecting dive packages will require a little bit of research and planning on your part. The first thing is fixing a budget. Diving tours tend to be on the expensive side. But with thorough search you can find such packages at reasonable prices.  Another important aspect is selecting the right destinations. Not every seaside holiday spot is suitable for good dive packages. There are certain elements that make good diving spot- clear transparent water, rich oceanic life etc. it has been noted that most of the famous diving spots are in Asia and South America.  For collecting information on dive package holidays you should go to travel agencies who are spread internationally.  Then there is the World Wide Web. You can search comprehensively about different destinations, cost and packages on offer on the internet. Compare the available options and select the best one. However in case of online booking, you should always use a trustworthy site to avoid any harassment.

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By Anders Finn
By Anders Finn

Types of packages

You must also remember that all diving packages are not same. There are many different variations. All packages are not available at every destination. Dolphin packages will take you on a ride with one of man’s favorite sea creatures. If you are looking for more then you can take a package where you can witness sea life in general. Those who are a bit more adventurous can go for shark diving packages where you can swim with the deadliest predators of the sea under expert supervision. Other popular choices are coral reef diving and wreck diving. If you are interested in sunken ships and underwater treasure hunts, this is your best chance.


Some famous destinations

Galapagos Island is heaven for divers. It is situated in the western coast of Ecuador.  It is a real treat for divers. The area is home to literally thousands of species of fish and other sea creatures. The islands’ crystal clear water will yield to you tropical fishes, dolphins, whales, sea lions and more.  Surely it is going to be an experience you will never forget.


There not many sea diving destinations in North America but there is one place that is ranked among the worlds’ best diving sites. That place is British Columbia near Canada. The water in this area is extremely chilly which can be numbing at times.  But there are so many things for divers- ship wrecks, hundreds of species of colored fishes, sea lions orca whales and large octopuses.

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