How to Travel to Asia Cheap

Experience Asia for yourself – from roaming its jungles with elephants to relaxing on postcard-pretty beaches! Asia provides unforgettable adventures at an unbeatably reasonable cost, which explains why some travelers spend years travelling through this culturally vibrant continent.

Avoiding peak season, taking local buses and staying in dorms are great ways to save big when exploring these affordable Asian countries.

1. Stay away from the city

An Asia trip doesn’t need to break the bank; there are numerous destinations offering rich cultural experiences for under $50 per day, from lush beaches and ancient temples, all the way to luxury accommodation options – here are some great choices for travellers on a tight budget.

Laos is quickly gaining in popularity due to its dense jungles, stunning waterfalls and friendly locals. Laos also provides adventurers with opportunities to see black crested gibbons at Bokeo Nature Reserve as well as mountain biking, kayaking and trekking adventures – especially around Vientiane where affordable hostels and street food start from $1 per meal!

Indonesia is one of Asia’s more affordable countries and an ideal choice for budget travelers. While Jakarta may boast high rises and bustling streets, you’ll find more relaxing villages and suburbs outside its centre with cheaper eateries including bakso (meat dumplings) and mie goreng (fried rice or noodles). Accommodation prices start from $35 per night!

Bangladesh often goes underrated by travellers, yet this fascinating nation offers incredible culture and history to discover. Its streets bustle with activity as rickshaw drivers vie to take you for rides while cheap stalls sell tasty foods while long distance buses start as little as $1 for journeys of several hours. A bed in a dorm hostel may cost as little as $6 a night while seaside resorts provide luxurious experiences at reasonable costs.

2. Avoid taxis

Asia offers travelers a world of diverse topography, rich culture, and affordable living costs – an irresistibly attractive combination that has long drawn travelers here. Asia boasts everything from stunning temples and ruins to sprawling tea plantations, desert canyons and some of the world’s most picturesque beaches – as well as some of its more expensive cities that can still provide great deals! It has something for every type of traveler from temple ruins and tea plantations tours to desert canyon exploration and beachfront dining experiences at some unexpectedly affordable places!

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Asia offers budget travelers a friendly exchange rate, affordable hostel or guest house accommodations and affordable flights – making most countries in Asia ideal destinations to explore on a shoestring. However, as with traveling anywhere else, costs associated with visiting Asian countries depend upon how much money is spent while there.

One of the key considerations when traveling to Asia should be avoiding taxis whenever possible. Taxis tend to be overpriced and rarely provide value for your money. Instead, opt for public transport such as ride shares or trains where available; though this might not always be available if visiting popular tourist spots; nonetheless it could help save some cash!

One effective strategy to save money when flying through Asia is flying into a hub city. Many low-cost airlines in the region operate routes to destinations like Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Bangkok where connecting flights are readily available – saving both time and money over direct routes if this method suits your travel plans better. Make sure that the price comparison for budget carriers versus legacy airlines before booking.

3. Go during low season

As the largest continent on earth, Asia boasts spectacular natural landmarks and cultural wonders to keep tourists enthralled for many travel budgets. Furthermore, many Asian countries offer great value-for-money when planning an Asian itinerary.

If you’re traveling Asia on a tight budget, the low season should be your go-to time for travel. Doing so will save on accommodation costs while allowing you to avoid crowds at peak season – not to mention it will let you enjoy this region at its most peaceful.

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Seoul, South Korea makes for an excellent starting point on any Asian adventure! This bustling metropolis combines ancient tradition and contemporary luxury seamlessly, and ranks as one of the world’s most liveable cities on a tight budget – you could spend less than USD 40 daily while exploring this captivating destination!

Indonesia is an idyllic nation known for its stunning cultural diversity and stunning scenery, and also serves as a popular digital nomad hotspot due to its affordable living costs and reliable WiFi connections. Being composed of thousands of islands means you’ll discover new cultures and cuisines everywhere from Kuta Beach for dancing all night long to Bali where locals often go hiking at sunrise!

Traveling Asia can be made simple when taking advantage of one of the numerous budget airlines that operate within it, including Scoot (merged with Tigerair), Jetstar, or AirAsia carriers that have hubs in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok to offer connections throughout Southeast Asia.

4. Book a long layover

Asia, as the largest continent in the world, boasts some of the world’s most stunning scenery, delectable cuisine, and vibrant cultures – all at an unbeatably reasonable cost. Instead of purchasing costly international train tickets, consider booking long layovers instead – you might save some money this way.

Gieske notes that while most travelers may prefer shorter layovers, having the extra time can be “energizing,” allowing her to explore a new city and see things on her bucket list such as Egypt’s pyramids (an eight-hour stopover in Cairo on her journey from Hong Kong). Additionally, these longer layovers provide ample time for rest, relaxation, and recharge between flights; with on-time arrival rates having reached all-time lows (76% of flights arrived on schedule in the first seven months of 2022), it pays to build in extra buffer time just in case something arises that causes delays in travel plans – or you risk missing your connection altogether!

One alternative is to fly directly into a hub like Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, or Bangkok before connecting via budget carrier to your final destination. Gieske advises finding great offers from budget airlines as well as legacy carriers for this route.

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Malaysia, for example, makes an excellent choice since it’s close to Singapore, Indonesia, Borneo and Brunei and boasts an airport that is an exceptional value. Furthermore, Air Asia – one of the world’s most cost-conscious carriers – operates from here as well.

5. Stay in dorms

Asia is an expanse of cultures, landscapes and experiences to discover! Home to some of the most expensive travel destinations like Dubai and Singapore as well as plenty of budget traveler friendly spots such as Bali‘s beaches or Myanmar’s temples and pagodas; Asia offers something for every traveller!

Indonesia may not come to mind immediately when thinking of budget Asian travel destinations, but the country can actually be very affordable. Avoiding peak seasons, taking buses instead of flying and eating street food are all ways you can keep costs in check – stay in a hostel dorm for approximately $5-10 per night while meals may range between $3-5 (typically nasi goreng or mie goreng).

Cambodia is another top budget travel destination. One of the least expensive countries in Southeast Asia, Cambodia offers great beach experiences as well as ancient architecture tours; food can be had for as little as $3-4 in local restaurants while accommodation starts from $15-25 for dorm rooms.

Malaysia is quickly becoming an affordable travel destination, thanks to its beautiful beaches and modern cities, lush forests, world-class diving spots, and daily budget of $20 can easily be met here; with dorm beds costing $10 and meals at restaurants costing just $3-4!

Bangladesh is another fantastic and affordable Asian destination, boasting stunning natural scenery, gorgeous beaches and vibrant cultures. Here you can see some of the country’s stunning Islamic buildings while exploring ancient ruins and markets. Travel by train for maximum cost-efficiency as a beer only costs $1!

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