France’s Very Best Amusement Parks

France is renowned for its art and for so much more. It is a country that is filled with various entertainment options and it is a certainty that you will feel great if you decide to visit since there is something for everyone. This also applies to amusement parks in France. You will see so many options that can be considered, no matter what part of the country you decide to visit.

Below you will find 3 quite different from each other amusement parks in France that you may want to put on your to-visit list. They are all special and can keep people entertained for hours.



Futuroscope is located 10 km to the north of Poitiers. It is a theme park that is all about audio-visual, robotic technology, cinema and multimedia of the future. This amusement park opened in the year 1987 and quickly ended up welcoming millions of visitors, mainly because of the new attractions that constantly appear. In fact, most people keep coming back since there is always something new to see.

This park appeared thanks to the work of Denis Laming, a world renowned architect. We had the contours of what was labeled as being the “city of the future”, which grew as time passed.

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If we are to talk about attractions, there are two that need to be considered for new visitors. For starters, we have Futuroscope Pavilion, which is a sphere that is mounted on a prism in an upright position. Then, you want to look at Kinemax, a symbol of this part for years now. You get to see many 3D screenings in gigantic cinemas and can wander through an interactive vaulted area of 900 square meters.

We should also recommend The Future Is Wild, which is an attraction that uses the latest cutting edge tech in order to highlight possible scenarios how species evolved, starting from hundreds of millions of years ago. Many attractions include sensory, olfactory, sound and 3D animation effects.

The Asterix Park

The Asterix Park

Obviously, this park is themed based on Asterix and Obelix. You can easily enjoy various surprises on a daily basis, stunts, shows and dancing. 5 completely different worlds can be explored in this park: Travel through time, Vikings, Greece, Roman Empire and the Gaul Village. Various scenarios can appear, like visitors being able to assume who a Roman spy is in the Gauls’ village. Fun through various entertainment options are available.

When talking about truly unique attractions, you will want to experience Tonnerre de Zeus, which is the biggest of all of Europe’s wooden roller coasters. Make sure you also visit Trace du Hourra, which is a very adrenaline filled 900 meters vertiginous descent.

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Space City

Space City

You will get a change to explore the world-renowned Ariane 5 rocket, which is 53 meters high. Space City offers a really interesting experience and there are so many extra attractions that you will want to look at. The Imax screen is as large as a 6 storey building but there are also other interesting options you will want to look at. Gyro Extreme is the attraction you want to experience as an adrenaline lover while children will surely love the special Children’s Base.

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