What Do You Need To Know Before Ganges River Rafting?

Rafting is one of the most popular adventure activities that people have started taking up all around the world. It’s thrilling, full of adrenaline and it can be quite a challenge for the ones that have a taste for adventure. There are many things that can be said about river rafting, from dangerous places to incredible views and finally how to be ready for such an experience.

Do A Little Research

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First of all, a river rafter should be well informed about the area where he or she will be heading. The Ganges river is an incredible place and it will offer a great experience, for the ones that know how to handle themselves in this particular area. Additionally here, as this is an adventure activity, there are risks and dangers that can happen. A responsible rafter will always be informed and ready to deal with anything that might happen. He needs to be prepared.

Know What You Want

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A rafting expedition comes in various forms or packages. There are many providers that can offer various types of experiences; it all depends on what the client wants. Usually, this is a day trip experience that implies a rafting time of a few hours, covering about 12 – 15 kilometers. This is the basic package and it can be accessed by anyone that is fit and very eager to try out a new experience. In addition, providers offer a great deal of other activities as well: hiking, climbing, rappelling and so on.

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For the ones that want the full river experiences, expedition rafting trips are a very popular choice. It’s a little more intense than your average rafting on the river, but the experience will be worth it. The size of the group is much more limited as all of the gear is self-supported. This means that everything is established before the trip and the travelers get to have one night out into the wild.

Understand The Basics

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There are people that have been doing this for a while and there are people that want to start their adventures right now. Regardless the case, there are certain technical things that anyone should know:

  • Life jacket – this is mandatory equipment and it is designed to save the life of the person wearing it.
  • Helmet – there are many fools who think that they don’t need protection for their heads. It’s important to understand that the river can be quite unpredictable and that can be a problem if something happens.
  • Paddles – these are very important when it comes to handling the boat on the river. They can control direction and it’s important to keep them as close as possible.
  • Wet suit – being warm is the most important think when it comes to being prepared and that is what the neoprene suits will help with. They are warm, comfortable and they can keep the water out.
  • Lifeline – this is the rope that goes around the raft. It’s important to know that this might be your safety net in case you fall down into the water. Hold on to it and trust that it will keep you safe.
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This is an experience that will stay with you forever. You need to be prepared to face anything that will arise during your trip. Staying safe is just as important as having fun.

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