What To Do In Halong Bay Vietnam – 5 Alternative Activities That You Want To Consider

Vietnam visits are always more than people expect. This is also true for Halong Bay. There are just so many things that can be done. The location is simply spectacular, featuring emerald green waters and truly iconic limestone peaks. With this in mind, it should be no surprise to see that there are many popular tourist attractions and activities that are promoted.

We will not focus on those since you surely already know about what to do in Halong Bay, Vietnam. What we want to highlight are some activities that few know about and that are not widely publicized.

Learn Tai Chi While On A Cruise

Tai Chi is an ancient martial arts that has been practiced in China for a really long time now. Its goal is to offer health of body, mind and soul through controlled, soft movements. Practitioners will tell you that tranquility is gained and that constant practice helps with achieving inner peace and deep concentration. If all this sounds good to you, how about you consider learning Tai Chi when in Halong Bay, a place that is perfect for anything relaxing. There are now some junk boat cruises that feature Tai Chi lessons held by a master. You are breathing in fresh air and enjoy the surroundings while you learn something quite new.

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Visit Traditional Floating Villages

Cruises in Halong Bay are great experiences, mainly because of the remote nature of the surroundings. It is hard to imagine how people live when surrounded by all the beauty and in some really harsh regions. Those that do live in the floating fishing villages enjoy a lifestyle that is so different than what we are used to. In these villages the rising and falling tides dictate everything, with most of the locals being fishermen. They earn their living from the marine life supply present, together with tourism, of course. Visit one of these villages and interact with the locals. The way of life there is simply wonderful.

Cat Ba Island Cycling

In Cat Ba you will enjoy impressive natural beauty. There are so many natural habitats and species you will not see anywhere else. It is formed of the Cat Ba archipelago and you can reach the island via boat. It is best explored via bicycle or foot. These can be locally rented. Hop on a bicycle and explore the beautiful limestone hills. You can easily discover numerous hidden waterfalls, grottos and lakes. The wildlife is hidden in the mangroves and forests. After a long day of cycling, finish everything with some snorkeling so you can also enjoy the beautiful underwater life.

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Discover Hidden Grottos And Caves

Halong Bay is home to illuminated caves, picturesque coves and isolated grottos of varying sizes and shapes. You can take a row boat and then explore such great hidden gems. For instance, you can visit the Thien Cung Cave, locally known as Heavenly Palace Cave. It is renowned for its stalactites and stalagmites. Also, go to Dau Go Cave, the Cave Of Wonders. It features rock formations that are simply fascinating as they are illuminated by numerous colors.

Kayaking Between Karst Limestone Outcrops

The last alternative travel activity we recommend in Halong Bay is one many will love. The traditional boat cruise is definitely a great way to enjoy everything in the area. However, if you want to be more active and you just want to explore at your own pace, you can go kayaking. This in itself is an adventure. Kayaking allows you to visit the less-visited, calmer corners of Halong Bay. The larger boats cannot visit such areas. You will discover numerous isolated lagoons, hidden caves and unspoiled islands.

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