Extreme Activities Tourists Should Enjoy In Greece

Greece is renowned for its beaches and scenery, together with a perfect atmosphere for relaxation. However, this is not what everyone enjoys. Some people just want to feel their blood pumping while on a vacation. Most people do not know this but Greece is definitely going to offer some wonderful extreme activities for you.

All the extreme sports presented will offer an adrenaline rush, taking you through unpaved roads, truly wild mountains and isolated forests, giving access to regions you would have never discovered in another way.

Greece Off-Road Adventures

The great thing about Greece is that it is really easy to find locals that will give you directions, hospitality and even treats. Off-roading is great in countryside regions like Evrytania, Agrafa, northern Pelion, Taygetos, Olympus, Crete and Parnassos.

Off-road rules take you through various interesting regions that feature folk architecture, medieval castles, ruined forts, old stone bridges and much more. The great thing is that the routes are not at all difficult and most people can enjoy them, no matter the experience level. The lesser known and highly impressive routes that you want to consider include:

  • Agrafa Mountains Crossing

There are many mountains that are majestic here and you will love driving along Agrafiotis River. Mountain passes like Tria Synora are difficult during the winter and you will need heavy duty tires but such information is highly available before you go.

  • Verdant Parnon
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There are many routes in the mountain range that start from Parnon and go towards Prastos. You go through many villages that are forgotten by everyone, allowing you to explore the culture and the history of the area in a truly authentic way.

  • Sela – Ag Vlaherna

Many isolated and charming villages that are flanked by streams will lead towards stunning lakes, in a wonderful setting that is not known by many.

Greece Rally Racing

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The mechanized sports tradition in Greece is definitely not high but there are many options that are available for those that love rally racing. The best drivers will participate in the World Rally Championship. There are many foreign visitors that visit because of the official rally but you can also enjoy this in an excursion.

There are also different tarmac ascents like Portarias and Ristonas, together with smaller circuits in Megara and Serres.

Greece Skydiving

Greece skydiving is quite special because of the landscape that you gain access to, with wonderful beauty. This country does have really great Drop Zones that you will love. The beginners will really want to visit Greece when they want to learn skydiving. This is a great place to learn. All Greek instructors are experienced and all you have to do is find some accredited schools.

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Greece Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is also wonderful in Greece but we wrote about this here. Check that article for more information.

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