Sydney’s Snorkeling Sites You Have To Try

If you are in Sydney, it should be a shame not to go snorkeling. Dedicate at least one day for this activity. You do not need to go to the north and experience the Barrier Reef in order to find some of the country’s best possible snorkeling sites. Those below are definitely worth a visit.

Bare Island

This spot became famous when it was featured in Mission Impossible II. The location is quite great for both beginners and advanced snorkel divers. Exploring the waters here are definitely wonderful and you can experience many different surrounding reefs. Every single person that goes snorkeling around Bare Island can get to see colorful sponge life, resident turtles, nudibranch and sand rays.

Botany Bay National Park – Captain Cook’s Landing

This location become famous as James Cook actually pulled the boat in the Botany Bay. Little did he know the wonders that were available under water. The entry to the snorkeling site is rocky so we have to recommend the location only for the intermediate snorkeler. If you can snorkel here, you will get to see various different animals, including the Weedy Sea Dragon, a Sydney specialty.

Clovelly Beach

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Based on local specialists, this is a destination that is perfect for an entire family because of the safety that it offers. No matter the weather condition, the location is accessible. You can enjoy exit and entry from steps located close to Surf Club. Snorkellers can expect to see reefs, overhangs, tonners, a beautiful marine life, the well-known blue groper, octopi, schooling fish and octopi. If you want the adventure to be even higher, focus on a night experience.

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Oak Park

We are mainly referring to Cronulla park and a pool, a great spot for both scuba diving and snorkeling. The spot offers great options for beginners and experienced swimmers. If you enter on the pool’s right side, you can snorkel right around an arc-shaped wall with overhangs and even crevices that you can explore. Get ready to see crayfish, cuttlefish and gropers.

Shelly Beach

Last on our list, the Manly located Shelly Beach is great for those that want to see marine life. The location is quite safe for the entire family, with a beach entry that is very easy. You should consider the beach’s right side because it is more beautiful. Many locals visit this diving destination.

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