Halkidiki: A hidden paradise in Greece

By Vesi

Need the feeling of warm sun on your skin but not sure where to go? Have you considered a holiday in Greece? I know, not the most original suggestion for a holiday. But the country does see a lot of sun and warm weather, even until November when temperatures are as high as 18°. This is well known however which means the best beaches and hotels are quickly snapped up. While Athens, Crete, Rhodes and Corfu continue to be the most popular destinations in high season, there are still some hidden gems to be found amongst the islands.


When looking at holidays in Greece, Halkidiki is one of the best hidden paradises for those looking to get away from the hordes of tourists. Situated on the mainland in Northern Greece, this three pronged peninsula is bursting at the seams with natural beauty. The definition of Greek scenic charm, Halkidiki has colourful flora, deep bays, wildlife and a backdrop of pine forests in abundance – and we haven’t mentioned Halkidiki’s star attraction yet.


Spathies beach Halkidiki
By Sakis Hatzis under CC BY 2.0


Halkidiki boasts the title of longest single stretch of coastline in Greece, with much of it unspoilt too. Take Kriaritsi beach for instance – perhaps the best beach in the country – which is perfect for sunbathing on soft white sand. There’s also the Blue Lagoon with its crystal waters, fantastic for taking a cooling dip when the sun’s rays get a little too much. For something a little more secluded, try Karydi and Sykia with their cosy rocky coves it’s perfect for a romantic picnic under the stars.

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Foodies will think they have died and gone to heaven with the plethora of cuisine to choose from. Traditional tavernas serve staple Greek cuisine such as Greek Meze, finger food perfect for sharing whilst mingling. With a great location near the sea, Halkidiki possesses terrific seafood restaurants with fresh fish, octopus and squid being the most popular items on the menu. And for a truly unique experience, visitors must try a Souvalaki grill or waterfront dining.


By Adrian Libotean under CC BY-SA 2.0


Those searching for the perfect Kodak moments won’t be disappointed. Unleash the photographer in you and snap away at the beautiful landscape from all angles. Halkidiki hikes vary from walking along the gorgeous coastline to gaining a higher view overlooking the rows of terracotta rooftops. For a truly unique experience, book an excursion of one of the many caves and be prepared to be awestruck. Petralona’s Cave is a natural wonder and is the most famous, estimated to be 700,000 years old. The caves can also be explored by scuba diving, making it an experience to remember.




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