Hang Gliding in Hawaii

Hang gliding is an incredible way to experience Hawaii, but it is important to be mindful of the risks involved with this activity as injuries could range from minor to life-threatening. Below we will highlight the best options for hang gliding in Hawaii.

Waikiki is an ideal location for hang gliding in Hawaii due to its stunning ocean views and gorgeous sunsets, providing unparalleled hang gliding experiences. Spring and summer temperatures tend to be ideal here while fall/winter winds can sometimes make things challenging.


Waikiki is at the core of Hawaii’s tourism industry and renowned for its iconic palm trees, shimmering beaches, and high-rise hotels. Additionally, this area serves as a center for culture and history; King Kamehameha famously landed here to wage one of his epic battles against Oahu’s most populous city and battle his way through.

Waikiki Beach is known as an ideal spot for hang gliding, but this area also offers many other activities for tourists to enjoy. Visitors can visit Kuhio Ponds nearby and spend some time on the Waikiki Wall; an elevated walkway that allows people to watch waves crash onto the shore as well as capture views of Waikiki from above. Other popular activities in this region are surfing, boogie boarding, and swimming in the ocean.

Makua Valley in Hawaii is renowned as an exquisite hang gliding site due to its breathtaking view of Waikiki Beach and the Pacific Ocean from above. Established by two recent college graduates named Bill Star and Sam Bleadon in 1970, who started the company using one tow plane and one glider respectively, this popular hang gliding location quickly gained in popularity over time.

Kahului is an ideal destination for hang gliding in Hawaii, offering breathtaking scenery close to an airport, as well as many other activities including hiking and sightseeing. Furthermore, visitors can visit Haleakala National Park nearby and even whale watch from there!

Hawaii offers many attractions and experiences, but none can compare with flying over its stunning lava fields and beaches in an airplane or hang glider tour. Although helicopter tours and fixed-wing planes provide great ways to see these islands, hanging gliders take it one step further and deliver an unparalleled flying experience.

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Makua Valley

Hang gliding is a must for anyone who enjoys flight. Hawaii provides ideal weather for year-round flying, with breathtaking views. Spring and summer offer ideal flying conditions; fall and winter flying is also possible if desired. For an exceptional experience, head to Kahului on Maui as it has one of the top spots for hang gliding worldwide.

Kaena Point offers an ideal start for beginners, being close to both roads and in good condition. Its north-facing ridge provides protection from light north winds that are sometimes present during winter. Furthermore, this site tends to be less busy than others on the island making it an excellent option for novices.

Makapuu offers another fantastic location for hang gliding in Hawaii: located on the eastern side, this site boasts breathtaking views of mountains, valleys, and blue oceans from its east coast location. Popular among hang gliders during spring and summer hang gliding sessions but sometimes windy. Makapuu also provides opportunities for other activities like hiking, swimming, and relaxing on its beachside location – as well as flying of course!

Note that fly gliding in Hawaii has caused injuries for some individuals. This may be due to defective equipment or poor instruction from providers; such individuals could file a suit against their provider and could potentially file a claim against them for their injuries. It is therefore essential to select an experienced company when planning your hang gliding adventure in Hawaii.


Hang gliding is an exhilarating yet relaxing sport, perfect for anyone wanting to take in Hawaii’s stunning vistas from above. Hawaii boasts numerous places where this can be done; one such location is Kahului on Maui where its mountains, tropical forests, and the Pacific Ocean combine into an exquisite environment ideal for this activity.

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Makapu’u Ridge Soaring Site on Maui offers excellent hang gliding opportunities. Pilots visiting this premier site must abide by its regulations and must observe any terms related to landowner grants of access for hang gliders.

Haleakala National Park offers another ideal hang gliding destination. Home to stunning waterfalls and hiking trails, as well as incredible crater views, the park makes for ideal conditions for hang gliding during spring and summer when weather conditions are dry and warm.

Kitty Hawk, North Carolina offers another outstanding locale to hang glide. Kitty Hawk is famous for being the site of the Wright Brother’s initial flight experiments and remains a top Outer Banks vacation spot today. Additionally, its picturesque scenery makes Kitty Hawk an attractive hang gliding destination, while instructors here specialize in working with those with disabilities such as blindness, deafness or paraplegia.


Hawaii is an adventurer’s dream destination, boasting stunning beaches and mountains to explore. But any adventurous activity carries some risk, so tourists should educate themselves about basic risks before embarking on any risky activity like hang gliding – this will allow them to select more safe activities to pursue without risk of injury.

Participators interested in taking part should also keep weather conditions and cost in mind before committing to this activity. In addition, it is a good idea to research both the company and equipment used, to ensure tourists do not purchase low-quality gliders that could lead to risk.

Hang gliding in Kauai is an unforgettable experience that offers unparalleled views of its stunning natural landscapes and serene waters. Additionally, hang gliding is an effective way to unwind from city life while taking advantage of this unique way to see Kauai from above.

Makapuu’u is the sole site on which landowners grant access to hang gliders, dating back to the early 1970s and becoming increasingly popular since. Managed by an experienced group of hang gliders from both Hawaii and the mainland, including several pilots from those two areas.

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Kauai is home to numerous hang gliding companies. One such business, Birds in Paradise, features breathtaking videos of Kauai’s spectacular scenery on its website. Established by Armin Engert – an ultralight pilot with over 20,000 flying hours!

Gaither and Sprague were instructors, avid gliders, and passionate Kauai lovers, according to their website. Additionally, Epic Kauai and Extreme Kauai films have also been produced about Kauai by this company.


Hang gliding is an incredible way to discover Hawaii’s natural beauty, offering unparalleled views and an experience you won’t forget. While helicopter tours and airplane trips offer glimpses of these islands, nothing compares with flying your own wings over spectacular vistas – whether first-timer or experienced pilots! No matter your level of experience gliding offers spectacular vistas that won’t soon be forgotten.

Maui Island offers some of the finest spots for hang gliding in Hawaii, particularly at Mount Haleakala’s foothills. Here, you will enjoy breathtaking views and an exhilarating flight, overlooking waterfalls, rainforests, beaches, volcanoes, and sunsets over Pacific Oceans – as well as being an excellent site for viewing them from above!

Makua Valley on Oahu Island offers another ideal hang gliding spot. Situated near Waianae in the mountains, this location boasts some of the best vistas in Hawaii – such as views of Waikiki Beach – plus numerous tide pools and small beaches throughout.

Keep in mind that any exciting activity can involve risks, and hang gliding is no exception. Without proper precautions in place, injuries such as broken bones or TBI could occur, yet working with a company offering adequate training and safety instructions allow you to enjoy the adventure worry-free.

When choosing your hang gliding adventure in Hawaii, select a company with an excellent reputation. There’s plenty of money in catering to tourists here, and unscrupulous individuals may establish poorly managed businesses just to take advantage of them. Always opt for well-established companies with top-quality equipment.

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