Having your holidays in the Canaries? Then follow our 5 sunbaked and proven travel tips!

What could be better than relaxing on a cluster of volcanic islands decorated with palm trees and magnificent beaches awash by the Atlantic sea? Oh but of course avoiding some common mistakes and misconceptions. The large numbers of tourists flocking for usually make life difficult for those who decide to spend some quality time exploring and as such a perfect setting can sometimes be turned ugly. In this guide we provide you with some of our hard-earned tips in order to make the most of your holidays in the Canaries and come back with some memories to cherish.


Don’t stick to tourist resorts

Resorts and their surrounding towns and beaches can be wonderful but why not take some time out of those manmade paradises to enjoy what nature has given to the islands? Staying in a resort is in most cases convenient and you’ll certainly find like-minded people enjoying their holidays in the Canaries to socialise with, however it is not often when you have a wonderful island on your disposal to explore.

Try the local food

Instead of going for the greasy and easily available burgers, fries and pizza why not go for something that you wouldn’t have back home? The Canaries are famed for their fresh and locally sourced fish along with their own delicacies and all favourite Spanish dishes such as tapas. Give your diet a twist by asking around and dining where the locals go in order to get a fresh taste of a place that you rarely have the chance of visiting while at the same time exploring the diverse tastes and overall dining culture.

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Rent a car and explore some more

It would be highly recommended that you rent a car if you have a valid driver’s license. The first reason for this is that nothing stops you from exploring further and reaching the best beaches on offer. The second is that you avoid the hassle of local transport especially during busier periods while having the convenience of planning your own time schedule. Make the best use of your time during your holidays in the Canaries by driving for yourself as you expand your options and let’s face it; nobody wants to get stranded on a secluded beach late in the evening without a way to return.

Get a taste of the local nightlife

Instead of visiting the numerous British pubs and mega-clubs aimed at tourists throughout the islands, take some time to look around and find some local venues. Taste the exceptional vino while enjoying the music and laid back vibe of the spots frequented by the locals. All told they are the ones spending the most time on the islands so they might as well know better in some cases.

Get to know the locals

While spending your holidays in the Canaries it is advisable if not essential that you meet some of the local people. A little Hola might go a long way as in most cases the people of the Canaries are friendly, helpful and can point you towards the hidden gems scattered throughout the islands awaiting discovery. No worries if your Spanish is not perfect as you can always strike a conversation and who knows; make some new friends abroad!

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