What Should You Know Before Leaving On Your Surfing Trip In Mentawai Islands, Indonesia?

As with any destination from all around the world, when you want to go surfing in Mentawai Islands, Indonesia, there are some things that you will want to consider. We will talk about those that are necessary so you can make suitable choices. We will stay focused on what happens before you live so that you can have the best experience.

Getting To Indonesia

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If you want to go surfing in Mentawai Islands, you will want to travel to Padang or Jakarta. The travel operators will help you with the bookings and can even tell you how to find really good air tickets. The staff at the considered resort will usually welcome you at the airport. Most of the surfing trips are of 10 days and ten nights, which is great for having a lot of fun. Make sure that you book ahead of time because of the fact that during the on-season, you will find it difficult to find accommodations. This is especially true if the group is larger.

Packing For The Trip

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Just as with all surfing trips, you are much better off packing light. This is really important, especially if you would opt for surf charters through Mentawai Islands. In this case most of the time is spent on the water. You can bring 2 to 4 boards with you and most of the tourists will use shortboards to ride the waves. Most resorts also include Tuflite and Firewire boards if you would not want to take boards with you.

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Necessary Health Precautions

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It is important that the travelers update the hepatitis and tetanus shots before they will travel to such a remote region. There is Malaria in some parts of the country. This includes Mentawai Islands so you should talk with your doctor before you leave. In the event that you currently take prescription medication, take the needed paperwork with you to be prepared in the event an emergency happens. Take medication that can counter seasickness if you know you suffer from that. Basically, make sure that you talk to your doctor and that you tell him/her that you travel to Indonesia.

When referring to Malaria, most people decide to take anti-malarial medication but this is personal choice. There are almost always different preventive measures that are taken. Bug repellants are always recommended. Also, make sure that the result you go to constantly tests staff members.

Travel Insurance

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When you go to surf in Mentawai Islands, you should have travel insurance. Whenever you travel you should have such insurance. It is not at all difficult to get that but it is very important that you choose something that is suitable. Make sure that the package includes all that you need from travel interruption or cancellations to baggage delays.

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Available Cash

Besides what you are about to pay for the experience, you need to have around 150 dollars of traveling money, 50 dollars for souvenirs, 25 dollars for the VISA, around 100 dollars for tipping, as much money as you may want for extra food and alcohol and cash based on what you want to pay for video and photographs.

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