Botswana Safaris – What You Should Know

Botswana stands out as a highly attractive opportunity for people that are interested in a great safari. We are faced with an eco-friendly environment that promotes true wilderness in an unspoiled country. You will surely love the Okavanga delta but you will want to also visit the Moremi and Chobe parks.

The main advantages of going on a Botswana Safari are:

  • Eco-friendly lodges and low density tourism
  • Great wildlife options in the Northern parks
  • Diverse and beautiful scenery with saltpans, deserts, savannahs and delta waterways
  • Vast undeveloped areas
  • Low population
  • Safety and political stability

The one con of a Botswana safari is that the market is expensive. There are not many budget friendly options that are available.

Botswana Wildlife And Animals

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Moremi And the Okavango Delta have a huge population of African wild dogs, which are endangered. There are wild dog packs that will roam freely over huge territories. You can see red lechwe, puku and Sitatunga in Okavango Delta, the riverfront area of Chobe and Moremi. Pukus are rare antelopes that live in shallow water and adapted to semi-aquatic habitats.

Best Time To Visit For Wildlife Viewing

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In most cases you need to consider visiting during May to September, which is the country’s dry season. This is perfect to view great wildlife and visit the northern parks. You will not be bothered by too much vegetation and all the animals basically concentrate round rivers and waterholes. They are thus easier to spot. From June to October the Delta floods so you watch wildlife in a unique ecosystem. Although this is when you need to visit for the best experience, make sure that you remember the fact that different parks may have different attractions that are not available during flooding season.

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Security And Safety In Botswana

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As already mentioned, Botswana is a safe and politically stable country. You will not have safety problems to deal with in the event that you stay at camps and lodges. Most of the crime will take place in the city so basic common sense safety precautions are always advised. While on a Botswana safari, the biggest danger is posed by the wildlife. That is why you need to respect the indications that are given to you by your tour guide.

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