Night Canyoning Near Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most visited European cities and it is very well known for its culture, architecture, amazing art and tasty food. The vibrant lifestyle is what draws many tourists to Barcelona. Besides the restaurant scene, the amazing medieval history you can see everywhere and the artistic side, Barcelona has a more hidden but as exciting side, a side dedicated to adventure seekers and adrenaline junkies! If you thought a historic city cannot be the place for outdoor activities lovers, you couldn’t be more wrong! You can enjoy art, architecture, history and then a canyoning adventure near Barcelona, in a location you can reach in 50 minutes by train.

If you are familiar with canyoning and you love the adrenaline rush provided by this outdoor activity, you can try something a little bit different. No idea what can be better than canyoning? Night canyoning! If the slides and the jumps were not enough, now you can explore caves, canyons and stunning rock formations with only a head lantern to light your way.

Before your adventure begins, you will have a safety training. Enjoying a delicious meal before the adventure is also something you can consider since the location has a restaurant where you can enjoy the local cuisine.

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Discovering waterfalls, ravines and gorges during the night is an adventure that all canyoning lovers have to experience at least once in a lifetime! The whole adventure will take up to six hours so you have to be in a pretty good shape to properly enjoy the fun.

Adrenaline is probably the most important part of a canyoning adventure, but the beautiful views is also something that cannot be ignored. When it comes to Barcelona and its surroundings you probably know that the views and the landscapes are breathtaking. Without spoiling the surprise, we can say the same thing about the canyon you will explore during your canyoning adventure.

Although you won’t have as much visibility as you are probably used to when exploring canyons during daytime, canyoning during nighttime will add a different dimension to your exploration senses. Most people who enjoyed canyoning during the night said that the mystery added by the dark, combined with a normal feeling of fear strengthen their senses and made them be more attentive to their surroundings and the beauty of nature. Conquering fears and being able to explore nature in a very raw manner are other things you can add to your PRO list.

Night canyoning is not for everyone for sure, but if you are one of those adventurers who like to push their limits as far as possible and love to feel their blood running through their veins, you should definitely try it! Barcelona is a great place to start your night canyon exploration since it can offer you so much more than this. The city is great for family vacations so bringing your loved one with you is a good idea even if they are not big fans of outdoor activities. They can enjoy the city nightlife while you enjoy your canyoning adventure. For those who love an all-inclusive adventure, private transport is available from the train station to the location and back so you don’t have to worry about transportation.

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