Northern Norway’s Best Adventure Travel

Northern Norway is basically a paradise for everyone that loves snow, offering various different adventures you will surely want to learn more about if you like such activities. Various thrilling activities can be tried in this true winter playground. Explore the wildlife the tradition and the culture while being a part of the following exquisite adventure activities in northern Norway.

Husky Sledding Rides

This is basically the classic adrenaline filled way to travel the entire Arctic area and you can enjoy it in Northern Norway. A trip normally lasts one hour or one week. Learning how to drive the husky team just takes minutes. Practice allows you to even stand up as you ride. If you want to make the experience even more special, prepare an evening or night run so you get a chance of seeing the Northern Lights. Since lights will be brighter as you are away from the cities, night rides are highly recommended.


North Norway has a huge history when referring to skiing. There are various off-piste skiing options available for tourists in Meloy, Lyngen Alps, Narvik and Lofoten. The views of the fjords make everything more special and you will be surrounded by snow plains and pine forests. It is there that you want to try some cross-country skiing. If you are experienced, try the 9 days cross-country trip that takes you to Karasjok from Alta.

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Snowmobile Rides

The only thing that you need is a valid driving license and you are allowed to ride the snowmobile after a very quick lesson. Snowmobile rides are great for those in a hurry as this is the fastest possible way to travel across the snow while covering a large distance. If you are a beginner, you want to think about traveling to the frozen plains and lakes in Nordkyn Peninsula. Svalbard Island is the exact opposite.

Whale Watching

During December and January there are many herring shoals that appear in the Vesteralen coast so hungry whales come and visit. You can start a boat trip for whale-watching from the city of Andenes. Sperm whales can be seen during summer months and you do want to get the opportunity of seeing a humpback whale eating hundreds of herring fish in just one bite.

Visit The End Of The World

North Cape (Nordkapp) in Norway is the most northerly location of Europe. In the past it was off limits during the winter but nowadays we have daily snow ploughs that clear the roads. Summer crowds are avoided and you get the bonus of seeing incredible, breathtaking cliffs. If you get cold, you just need to go to the local café.

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Spot Wolves

You can visit Polar Park, which is the animal park that is the northernmost in the entire world. It can be found in Bardu, in Salangsdalen Valley, which is 75 km to the north of Narvik. This is where you can see lynx, elks, arctic foxes, reindeer, wolves and many other majestic polar animals. When you feel particularly brave, wolves can be visited during the night with the Northern Lights over you. It is even possible to sleep in a wolf cabin.

Ice Fishing

With so much frozen water it should be no surprise to see that ice fishing is a hugely popular activity that you can enjoy in this part of Norway. A guided trip is your best possible option since it offers all the equipment you will need while taking you to the very perfect fishing spot to catch elusive fish.

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