Top Active Vacation Possibilities In Finland

Do you plan a vacation to Finland and you want to enjoy some active or adrenaline filled moments? As you surely expect, Finland offers many interesting opportunities for those that want a more active vacation, especially during winter. If you want to have an active vacation in Finland, you can easily expect the following.


In Finland there are literally thousands of miles with captivating gravel tracks and narrow paths, leading to towns that have really well-maintained bicycle routes and are flanked by highways. Visit local tourist offices in order to receive maps showing you the best bicycling trails.


Fishing might not be adrenaline pumping but it is definitely an active vacation pursuit you will love in Finland. You can actually fish all around the year in the country, with local fishermen actually dividing their work into the fish that are in season instead of months of the year when they can fish.

Between March and April the number of sea trout available is high while between May and June you want to fish for pike. The midsummer period has salmon as a prize and during autumn the sea trout is moving inshore. During winters you can enjoy ice fishing for trout, pike and perch. If you want to try something special, anglers can enjoy burbot fishing at night during dark nights.

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Canoeing is quite big in Finland, allowing you to choose between various waterscapes ranging from lakes to coastal waters. If you enjoy coastal canoeing, you want to visit the Uusimaa province coast and Aland Islands. If you are more into lake, there is a lake district that has lakes linked in long chains through shorter channels. Just be careful as currents are quite high. Lakes in the area cover kilometers so you can enjoy something new for numerous days of canoeing.


Finland is heavily forested so it should be no surprise to see that hiking is very popular. In Lapland you want to surely enjoy winter at a whole new level, with husky and reindeer safaris waiting for you. However, southern Finland is also wonderful for hiking. As an example, right outside of Helsinki you can enjoy a huge number of trails thanks to Nuuksio National Park. In middle Finland there is a hiking trails network of 300 km. This is how big hiking is in the country.


The longest ski season in the country is in Lapland, being between October and the middle of May. In south and north Finland skiing is available for around 5 hours per day in great conditions with natural light, although days are much shorter than you might want. Various ski trails are thus artificially lit during the winter. Finland skiing is often going to involve night skiing.

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The very best ski season holiday will be before spring since there is more daylight and sun. Ideal skiing conditions are present in the first two months of the year in south Finland while in central Finland the best skiing is between December and March. Northern Finland skiing is at its best between December and April.

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