Great Sand Boarding Destinations To Experience In Peru

When talking about Peru we often refer to Machu Pichu ruins but board sports have to be considered by those that love such an activity. Peru has a really divers geographic layout. If you are interested in board sports, Peru has a great selection of sandboarding and surfing you are going to love trying. The 2 spots where you need to absolutely consider going in the country are the following.


Surfers know that Lima is a really great destination for them but the humidity present will make skies grey and waters are normally going to be quite cold. This is why you may want to seriously consider going to Mancora, which is a smaller town located around 200 kilometers away from the equator. There you can find so many sandy beaches and the Pacific waves are warm. You do not have to worry too much about temperature so surfing is great there.

It is not necessary to take equipment with you from home since surf hire is cheap in Mancora and schools can be found right on the beach. The surfers that visit are of all possible experience levels. What is great is that the public does not really know the town. This automatically means that the beaches are not going to be too crowded. If surfing is not something that you want to experience, you can always consider paddle boarding and kitesurfing in Mancora.

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In the Ica region you are going to find sandy desserts, which is definitely not what comes to mind when thinking about the country of Peru. The sand dunes present here are numerous so sand boarding is a really common activity enjoyed by locals and tourists. Sand buggy tours are really cheap in the area and these take you miles into the dessert to some really great sandboarding destinations.

You may want to consider a visit to the Las Dunas resort. There is a great sand dune there so as a guest you can enjoy breakfast and then simply have a lot of fun. Those that are looking for a larger dose of adrenaline need to consider a visit to Cerro Blanco. This is a really interesting place as it is the tallest of the world’s sand dunes with a height of 1776 meters. Sand buggies cannot go to the top so do be sure that you start the trip early in the morning. The average ascent is around 3 hours.

As you can see, those that are interested in a trip to Peru have much more to look for than just visiting ruins and climbing mountains. Boarding activities are constantly growing in popularity and the two destinations we highlighted above are very good for those that want some extra adrenaline as they do something that is not really expected from the country.

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