Hiking In Machu Picchu – The Inca Trail

Hiking in Machu Picchu is simply beautiful. Peru is a country that has beautiful landscapes so it should come as no surprise to notice that hiking is simply tremendous. You will definitely appreciate the entire experience and you are faced with various opportunities you can consider.

The Inca Trail

The Inca Trail is world renowned. It was a footpath that went through Andes, going to Machu Picchu gates. Machu Picchu is seen as a highly remote city that is lost and quite lone. That is not actually the case. In the past it was the main part of Inca and this is proven by the various ruins you will see along the trail. Machu Picchu stood out as an administrative center. Hiking the ancient route will bring in so many ruins all the way towards the city.

What is really interesting with the Inca Trail leading towards Machu Picchu is the fact that it was basically built in a spiritual and artistic way. This is a scenic and authentic way to get to the town and then experience all that it has to offer. The trail also goes through a national park known as Machu Picchu Historical Sanctuary. There are many man-made and natural sights including exotic animals, exotic vegetation, Inca ruins, cloud forests and mountain views.

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Out of all the South America hiking trails, the Inca Trail is the most popular one and is a World Heritage site. There are around 750,000 people that hike this trail every single year.

Hiking The Inca Trail

You have 2 ways to hike towards Machu Picchu:

  • The regular way – an arduous 4 days 3 nights path
  • The accessible way – 2 days and 1 night

You can also go for a one day trail if you do not have enough time. Porters can be hired to haul packs if you want to go on the harder route. However, keep in mind that there are regulations and rules that you have to respect. Ever since the year 2001, you cannot go on the Inca Trail without a guide that is licensed. You are basically required to go with an organized hiking group. The good news is that there are around 140 agencies that offer such services so it is practically impossible not to find a suitable Inca Trail hiking package. The alternative is to organize your own group. In this case you need to pay prices that are higher for the necessary permits.

Be sure that you ask about the seasons because hiking Inca Trail is not that silent. Many think that it is a solitary walk but during the high season, a lot of people visit. If you want solitude, you will need to plan a lot more in advance.

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