Planning Your First Holiday With Children: 4 Tips To Help Ease Nerves About The Trip

A family holiday could be a great experience that brings everyone together for a fresh new adventure and excitement.

However, if you are travelling for the first time with young children, this excitement could feel a little daunting as well. As your children could find the flight or airport uncomfortable and you might not know if they will remain calm for most of the flight. While it’s hard to know how it will play out, it’s important that you don’t let that discourage you from taking your children on their first holiday. Check out these tips to help you prepare for the first trip.

Pick The Right Destination

Young kids might not be as likely to share your enthusiasm for visiting a museum or the local attractions that doesn’t cater as well for them. You will have to think of a location that has something that is going to work for everyone and preferably in close proximately to one another. Should your kids get bored at an attraction you are interested in, you can head for the exit and make your way to the thing that makes them happier.

In some cases, hotels will offer kids activities and child-minding services, where you can leave your children if you and your partner need to head to an attraction that doesn’t suit them. Under these services, they’ll get to play and socialise with other children, so you won’t have to feel worried while you are out.

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Think About The Flight

When it comes to travelling with children, the flight could be the most distressing place for both the parent and child. Flights can be uncomfortable, and a child might become restless and upset in such a situation. To help minimise the possibility of your child or children becoming upset during the flight try to book a flight time that coincides with your child’s regular nap or bedtime. This way, there’s more of a chance they’ll simply sleep throughout the flight.

Bring Lots Of Toys And Games

If your child won’t sleep on the flight, keeping them occupied is the best way of keeping them quiet and well behaved. Bring plenty of their toys and games and ensure they are accessible while on the plane. Children have shorter attention spans than adults, so you might have to bring a few different items like an iPad to stream their favourite tv shows or a Switch to play games.

Toys and handheld video games can be handy elsewhere on your holiday too. They can keep children amused if you have to make regular journeys during the trip and can be ideal for keeping them occupied while you visit a museum, the beach, or relaxing by the pool at the hotel.

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Get Travel Insurance

As a parent, the safety of your children will be your number one priority. In an unfamiliar location, it might be a little more difficult than usual to keep track of your child. As children love to explore and don’t perceive danger in the same as way as adults, they might injure themselves while playing or running. Although these kinds of situations are unlikely, if your child was to get injured while abroad and require medical treatment, you could be faced with a substantial bill, especially if you are visiting somewhere like the US.

Depending on the location, you might need to get a policy to cover your trip, for locations like the US, you might want to check out a provider like Staysure, who will give you the help you need should an emergency medical situation arise while you are out there.


To ensure your first holiday is a success and one to remember, make sure you plan and prep accordingly so that every part of your itinerary moves along smoothly. Make sure your kids have enough gadgets or toys and activities to do, so that they will also have as good a time as you.


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