Sak Yant Tattoos in Bangkok

Monks of Wat Bang Phra have long been revered as masters at creating tattoos with dexterity and precision that has earned them widespread renown as tattoo artists.

However, purchasing your Sak Yant from anyone other than an Ajarn may cause misalignment and bad luck; therefore it’s essential that you visit an Ajarn directly.


Price for a Sak Yant tattoo depends on its size and power; small ones may cost as little as 1,000 baht while full sleeves could go for over 12,000 baht. Ajarns also charge fees to apply gold leaves to each tattoo as part of its ceremony to bring luck and prosperity.

Remind yourself that Sak Yant Bangkok tattoos should be treated as sacred beings, and treat them accordingly. Additionally, uphold the rules of any Ajarn you visit: speaking well of family members and not disparaging relatives while honoring elders.

Many people assume that Ajarn will select their tattoo design after reading their aura; this is simply not true as temples tattoo 100 people per day with limited time available to each Ajarn; therefore it would not be practical for him/her to read all their auras!


This talisman brings kindness, popularity and success to those who wear it, along with wealth, mercy and charm.

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Sak yant tattoos are provided by respected Ajarn masters who possess both spiritual knowledge and artistic talent to accurately ink ancient symbols on clients’ skin, and perform rituals to activate and strengthen these talismans’ protective and empowering powers.

Ajarn Fluke is one of Bangkok’s premier Sak Yant practitioners, known for his distinct style that features precision and meticulous attention to detail. Additionally, he uses only natural inks.

When getting a Sak Yant, it is crucial that you understand its rules. For instance, refrain from speaking ill of loved ones or elders, and respect any additional regulations given by your Ajarn. Those who disregard its rules won’t experience its full power.


Since Buddhism first arrived in Thailand, it has blended seamlessly with Hinduism, spirit worship and superstition – one such tradition being sak yant tattoos which are believed to bring health, wealth and luck.

The Sak Yant Hah Taew (Five Lines) design is an increasingly popular way to improve karma and destiny, making it an excellent way to accumulate wealth and power. It can even help with stress reduction!

Some sak yant tattoos depict animals, temples, or Buddhist symbols such as animal skulls; others are geometric such as square or circular yants; still others can even contain nine Buddha’s who confer special universal powers and spells on you!

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Tattoos considered authentic by Buddhist monks can only be considered genuine when blessed by them in accordance with ritualistic ceremony, which involves them reciting sacred chants and blowing on designs to enhance their powers. Non-ordained ajahns cannot perform these actions and their tattoos won’t have the same potency.


The Sak Yant tattoo is unlike any other. It’s said to contain magical powers that can help ward off illness, make you stronger fighters, or increase your luck. Monks who give this type of tattoo, known as Ajarns, often charge thousands of dollars for each session; their needle is then dipped into a mixture of palm oil and cobra venom before quickly tapping out its design with speed and dexterity that comes only with years of practice.

The Ajarn will then bless your tattoo by breathing on it, which makes the sak yant sacred and will carry the magic of your efforts to become a better version of yourself. Some rules established by Ajarns include not harming living beings, showing reverence towards elders and not speaking poorly of close loved ones; other Ajarns may require that you follow other specific regulations related to its magical properties.

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