Zip Lining In New Zealand

Zip lining keeps gaining popularity in basically all parts of the world, including New Zealand. This is mainly because of the fact it offers a really good mix of speed, nature and adrenaline. While in the past this was not an activity that was considered, nowadays it is popular and this is mainly because of the adrenaline filled experience offered.

In the beginning, New Zealand zip lines appeared due to a necessity since they were a transportation method that helped people to get over some areas that were impassable. Pulleys and cables were threaded between 2 areas at slight angles with gravity helping a person to get from one point to the next one.

It is interesting to notice that we have access to many spectacular zip lining options that are available at the moment in New Zealand. You can enjoy what is offered on the West Coast, in Rotorua, Waiheke Island and Queenstown, just to mention some opportunities.

Queenstown Zip Lining

new zealand zip lining

In Queenstown you can find a really interesting flying fox experience that is quite rare when looking at the entire world. Zip lining is quite new in Queenstown. There are 2 options that are available with a zip race on the very first commercial site in the country or with an eco-tour based experience. If you want to go zip lining in Queenstown, consider bringing:

  • Sturdy shoes with closed toes
  • A wish to have adventure
  • Proper clothes based on the experience you will have
  • Camera to capture all the fun
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More New Zealand Zip Lining

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The number of travel operators that currently offer zip lining in the country is huge. Make sure that you choose something you would love by simply reading as much as you can about the operator. Not all of them are great. You may want to think about:

  • Rotorua Canopy Tours – offering a native forest experience right out of Rotorua with single line and multiple traverses.
  • ZipTrek EcoTours – the first company to offer a commercial zip lining operation.
  • EcoZip Adventures – located on Waiheke Island, around 35 minutes away by boat from Auckland.

Always consider zip lining in New Zealand if you want something really special. Tourists from all around the world endjoyed this experience in the past. You will most likely also love it.

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