Singapore Beer Guide – Where To Drink The Best Beer In Singapore

There are so many wonderful beers in Singapore, much more than what many believe. Commercial brewing in the company actually started in the 1930s. Although just some producers stand out, the quality offered is much higher than anticipated by most tourists.

Below we will talk a little about Singapore beer, mentioning what should be known before you go beer hunting in the country. Then, we will mention some of the very best places to enjoy beer in Singapore, according to tourists from all around the world.

Singapore Commercial Breweries

Malayan Breweries was the first Singapore commercial brewery, being opened in 1931, a joint venture between Fraser & Neave and Heineken. In October 1932 the first brewery was launched, producing Tiger Beer. Beck’s also got involved in 1931, launching the Archipel Brouweriji Compagnie. Their brewery opened in 1933 and produced Anchor Beer. Right now, the main brand in Singapore is Tiger Beer. However, APB is also brewing Heineken at a local level. The other notable Singapore beers include Baron’s Strong Brew, ABC Extra Stout and Anchor.

Singapore Microbreweries

Ever since the 2000s, various small microbreweries were established in the country. Right now there are over 15 great microbreweries in Singapore. This includes Archipelago Brewery, Brewerkz Microbrewery, AdstraGold Microbrewery and Starker Fresh Beer. Even so, just 2% of all Singapore beer sales come from craft beers.

Beer Festivals In Singapore

Beerfest Asia is the very first Singapore beer festival that should be mentioned. It is a yearly event since 2008. Over five hundred beers are sold, coming from over 30 exhibitors from all around the globe. There is also the Asia Beer Awards, which is the largest of the beer awards in the continent, having 160 beers that compete across fifteen categories.

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The most important festival that is dedicated to the Singapore microbrews is Craft Singapore. It is growing in popularity so let’s next see some of the microbreweries you may want to learn more about.

5 Great Microbreweries In Singapore

The microbrewery was started by an uncle and 2 brothers, with its name being a tribute to the grandfather who was born in 1925. Here you can enjoy the trademark Blk 6.22 Dark Ale, a beer with chocolatey flavors that is slightly sweet and very appreciated.

Here you can enjoy a wonderful cider, the Adstrapple Cider. You can find it at the Adstragold Katong outlet, where their beer is crafted, but it is also sold at the PasarBella oyster bar. This cider is sweet and fresh, being better than many really popular English labels.

What is special with Archipelago is that it always surprises with some wonderful and pretty wild limited edition brews. For instance, its X-Block was a local Singapore take on a specific German beer style that was traditionally made during spring. Archipelago Brewery actually imported ingredients straight from Munich to make X-Block. If you visit this Singapore microbrewery make sure you learn about the special, wild beer it makes right then. You will be surprised.

If you love fruit beer, you need to try Pink Mamba. Blue Bali is actually a pretty small microbrewery, a unique one in the country. Size is definitely lacking but the flavor of the beers here is simply wonderful. Pink Mamba, for instance, is wheat beer that includes red dragon fruit. It is really good when chilled out.

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Here you absolutely have to try the Golden Ale. Brewerkz managed to expand a lot, with various outlets opened at various locations. Golden Ale is very comfortable, a beer that almost everyone enjoys. It can easily be among the best you ever tasted, especially when comparing just beers coming from microbreweries.

Other really great microbreweries you want to consider in Singapore include LeVeL33, Hospoda Microbrewery, Little Island Brewing Co, RedDot Brewhouse, The Pump Room and Tawandang Microbrewery.

5 Great Places To Enjoy A Beer In Singapore

Beer drinking quickly grew in popularity in Singapore. This actually kept happening in the past years so it should be no surprise to see entrepreneurs that invested in places where people would enjoy beer in Singapore. There is definitely no shortage of great locations we can consider, like the following.

There is quite an interesting ciders and craft beers selection available here coming from literally all corners of the world. There are numerous year-round beers but also many that are limited or seasonal. Food options present do incorporate beer. While not all are great, some truly are.

This is actually a sister bar of the really popular Smith Street Taps. It has a focus on offering bottled beers and is located right in a great place for food, Chinatown Complex. Normally, there are 50 beers stocked and some pretty good food.

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This Geylang small bar gives you wonderful craft beer and various other drinks, including great Italian wine. Food options are plentiful and the space offers a great atmosphere you will enjoy. 5 Archipelago local beers are normally available but the bottled range of the international beers is also quite satisfying. While you do not have a large selection, what is really special at The Tuck Shop is the atmosphere.

There are few Thirsty locations in Singapore. The idea of the establishment is to buy beer to take with you home or drink right there. You will find some Thirsty locations in shopping centers but tucked away so everything is quiet. The beer selection is wide, covering all possible styles and tastes. Also, the prices are pretty good if you see what the competition offers.

Last but not least, Druggists shares the location with Singapore Chinese Druggists Association. It has 23 taps and definitely an impressive beers selection. When there you can drink Goses, Sours and Russian Imperial Stouts. You can also enjoy some snacks that are designed to be properly paired with beers.

Final Thoughts

Singapore is quite surprising when it comes to food and drink. The beer scene is a great indicator of that. It will surprise most people so be sure that you experience it on a visit.

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