Scuba Diving Tips When Going To Boracay, Philippines

The truth is that Boracay, Philippines, is not renowned for the scuba diving experience it offers. It is much better known for the soft, white sandy beaches. What you should know is that we have excellent scuba diving locations in Boracay. You will definitely love them and you can go way beyond the White Beach. What is interesting is that you will only be charged 33 pesos for diving in the area. This is a lot less than what you would have to pay in most places from around the world.

Boracay Diving Spots

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We have access to 25 great scuba diving spots in Boracay. They normally include many colorful coral reefs, together with shallow water. What is really great is that you just need to go through a short boat ride in order to access the spots. This allows you to see various fish like damsel fishes and parrot fishes, together with others like turtles.

Obviously, you will want to visit White Beach, but there are other options available. You can go to Crocodile Island, which offers great aquatic life. Here the reefs are wonderful and you surely want to be sure that you have a camera with you. The challenging spot that has to be considered by the advanced diver is Yapak. This spot is actually one of the best-known in the Philippines.

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When To Go Diving In Boracay

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Scuba diving here depends a lot on visibility. If you want to have the best visibility, you will want to go diving in Boracay between the months of April and June. The visibility during these months is at around 20 meters and temperature is quite pleasant. If you travel from December to February, visibility is not that high as plankton presence is increased.

Keep in mind the fact that monsoons around this location are quite unpredictable. We never know exactly what would happen and you need to be sure that you do not stay during a monsoon as diving would be impossible.

Scuba Diving Insurance

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It is always normal to get insured since you want to be safe. It does not matter if you are an expert or not. What is important is to be sure that you will be insured so that any problem can be covered. A minor incident like getting a cut can lead to costly hospital expenses. Working with a scuba diving insurance coverage is always a very good idea. In the event that you can locate a firm that will cover all the activities that you will enjoy while visiting the Philippines, even better.

On the whole, you can so easily enjoy every single one of the Boracay diving spots. Just make sure that you know everything about the option that is offered. That is going to help you out a lot more than what you might believe.

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