Stuck in Airport: 5 Ways to Surviving Flight Delays

By Vesi

Flight delays can be such a drag. This is especially the case for those scheduled for connecting flights, traveling with kids in tow and are running after business meetings.

Interruptions can last for hours and sometimes even days, depending on the gravity of the issue. Carriers for instance can do nothing about adverse weather conditions. And passengers have no choice but to bear with the inconvenience.

Being stuck in airport however can be beneficial too. That is, if you choose to stay positive. Keep your cool during air travel interruptions with these tips.


Extend patience.

No one wished for the flight to be postponed. Even the airline staff hates such stressful instances. So stay understanding.

Even when everyone already seems annoyed and upset, do smile and talk to attendants politely. Arguing with airport employees would not cut the waiting time short. Also, causing commotion would not expedite airline services.

Tell yourself that delays are inevitable during travels, and direct your attention instead to airline announcements. If you keep complaining and lashing out at airline employees, you might miss the food and lodging vouchers distributed to passengers.


Do something worthwhile

Staring at the clock would only make you anxious.

Don’t kill time for nothing. Tour the airport instead. Look for activities that may help keep you occupied. The airport you are at probably has entertainment facilities you can use for free.

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Another option is to engage in talks with your fellow passengers. Another traveler might offer you interesting custom essay writing outputs or good books to read. You might even score useful tips how to indulge on your destination on a shoestring budget.


Stay on the radar

Do not stroll too far or you might miss out on updates.

Be extra attentive. Airline employees might be asking for passenger name and contact details. Pay close attention as well to reminders. Keep your phone handy so you can immediately receive calls or messages. In case your phones battery is empty, stay where the other passengers are so you can still keep yourself updated.


Scout for accommodation

If the airline has already announced that the trip shall be moved the next day, then your next move should be to find a place to spend the night.  Look for an affordable and accessible accommodation.

Before you leave the airport, see to it that you have confirmed flight details from airport employees. Inquire as well if they are offering any freebies for passengers. You would not want to pay for an overnight stay when you could have it for free.


Relay incident to loved ones

Passengers are usually most worried about their relatives.

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Inform loved ones how you are doing so you can as well keep peace of mind. Wait however for the final airline announcement about changes in your flight before you alert your contacts. It is also good to assign one contact person whom you shall update, and request to disseminate the information to the rest of your peers.


You know you cannot focus on your phone alone as you also need to monitor updates from the airline company.

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