Stunning Fishing Destinations In Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is rarely on the list of countries to visit because of different possible misconceptions. This is a shame since the region is simply filled with culture, history and many traditions that are centuries old. Many attractions are literally untouched by men and are waiting to be discovered.

What is really interesting is that Easter Europe has a pristine beauty that draws in so many adventurous anglers and nature lovers from all around the world. If you are interested in casting your lines in places that are simply stunning, Eastern Europe should always be considered. Since a large part of the history of Europe is focused on naval activity, it should come as no surprise to notice that fishing is so huge.

It does not matter if you are a newcomer, a native or a highly experienced angler. All the countries below should be on your to-visit list for stunning fishing locations.


Most likely, this is not a surprise. Fishing is popular in Greece for hundreds of years. There are some of the waters that are the cleanest in the entire world that can be visited and the fish are also abundant. You should seriously consider fishing in the mornings since waters are calm and fish are so easy to catch. Greece is surrounded by waters so there are so many great places that you can go to when you want to snag fish.

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There are basically countless reasons why you should fish in Bulgaria. You can go for bream, pike and trout, among many others. Abundance reigns supreme and the best places to go fishing are in mountain river regions.


In Estonia you can go fishing every single day of the year. The coastline covers 4000 kilometers. You can easily fish for some Haltic herring, Chub and the tasty pike perch. Local cuisine dishes often use fish because of how much is available. There are hundreds of great rivers and lakes in Estonia and islands that have great fishing opportunities available.


The fishing experience in Turkey is diverse. It is not at all difficult to look for various saltwater and freshwater options. The saltwater you can fish include red bream, little tunny, picarel and red mullet. If you are interested in freshwater fishing, you can catch tench, roach, catfish, pike and more. The countryside in Turkey is relaxing so if you are interested in such a fishing experience, this is a country to seriously consider.


The Tara River in Montenegro is renowned, commonly referred to as Tear Of Europe. The vista that the fisher can see is stunning almost anywhere. If you are interested in casting a line, the best bet is the Durmitor National Park but you will also appreciate Tara River Canyon, the second canyon in the world according to depth. The common catches are huchen, grayling and stream trout.

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Slovenia is a great Eastern Europe destination for those interested in fly fishing. If the day is clear, lines can be cast in alpine rivers with crystal clear waters. That allows you to enjoy views that can only be described as stunning as the next catch is reeled in.

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