How To Plan A Perfect Amazon Jungle Adventure Trip

Millions of people from around the world want to arrange a jungle adventure in the Amazon Basin and make mistakes since they do not know what to take into account. In the Amazon River you have more water than all the following 8 largest rivers in the world, covering an area that is actually two times the size of India. This is how huge the Amazon is. If you want to have that perfect adventure trip, here are some things that will surely help you out a lot.

When Should You Visit?

The best time to visit is between May and June. The rainiest months are February to April and the really hot, dry season is September to November. If you visit between May and June you can expect the highest river water level and surrounding forests will be flooded. The experience is definitely perfect, highlighting what the Amazon is all about. However, you can visit during dry season if you are mainly interested in long hike options and clear weather.

Different Possible Amazon Experiences

You want to think about the type of jungle experience you want to have if you plan a visit to the Amazon. Some of the really popular opportunities are the following:

  • Jungle Lodges – Perfect for families that need some extra amenities or running electricity round the clock. In some of the lodges you can even sleep in the Amazon forest.
  • Riverboats – You can simply travel along the river, sleep on board and stop for shorter excursions. The comfort is normally really high and a trip will normally last between 5 and 10 days.
  • Sports Fishing – Can easily be arranged as just a day trip or can be included in a boat tour.
  • Tree Climbing
  • Long Hikes – These are normally considered as being the most memorable Amazon experiences, including viewing wildlife.
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Many other experiences are available. Do be sure you know all that is offered in the tour package you buy.

Amazon Jungle Experience Length

In most situations the visit should last around one week. This is almost always enough time to experience many great activities in the Amazon. However, you need to also think about travel time and transfers. They will be a part of the entire visit length. When you can go for a longer time frame, try to split the time you have in various Amazon areas to experience more.

Where Should You Go?

The largest city you will want to take into account is Manaus. It offers a very fast way to reach the jungle. Various tour operators are based there, offering options ranging from upscale to budget-friendly. The only problem is that tours tend to be quite busy.

Other options that you do want to think about include:

  • Mamiraua Reserve – 675 kilometers away from Manaus, close to Tefe.
  • Alter do Chao – A great place to start a boat trip on the Amazon tributary Rio Tapajos. This is a great opportunity for those that want access to local culture.
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