Swimming With Dolphins In Honolulu

If you talk with locals, you will be told that any visit to Honolulu is practically incomplete without swimming with the dolphins. We are talking about a perfect destination for this activity. Dolphins are really gentle animals that are playful and will love the attention of humans. Swimming with the mammals offers an experience that you will always remember. The dolphins are smart and you will surely be surprised to notice what they can do.

dolphins in honolulu

The very best possible Honolulu dolphin swimming experience is offered by Sea Life Park. This park is located in Waimanalo, which is really close to Honolulu. As you get there, you have the possibility of choosing out of various different swimming adventures. This does include the highly popular double dolphin ride, which is perfect for families or for when you travel with a friend. Dolphins will give you handshakes, will kiss you and will even dance with you, if this is what you want. To make matters even more interesting, a trip to Sea Life Park also gives you the possibility of swimming with sea lions and petting sting rays.

Honolulu makes a lot of money through tourism so you can easily expect to be faced with state of the art facilities and an experience that is customized for your specific needs. As you go swimming with the dolphins, you will have a guide with you that will tell you a lot about the daily life of the mammals, what they eat, how they will interact with humans and with each other. You should know that Sea Life Park is a whole lot of fun, is really educational and offers you the possibility of seeing so many animals that you will have the time of your life.

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swimming with dolphins honolulu

The park gives access to much more than just swimming with dolphins. If you do not want to do this, you can also attend one of the daily shows. This includes sea lion shows, feeding shows and dolphin shows. Make sure that you do visit the great seabird sanctuary and that you look at the penguin habitat since these little birds are a delight for both adults and babies.

All inclusive opportunities are available through many different travel agencies. Conduct a research so that you can see all the options that are available for you. Most people that visit Honolulu and that swim with dolphins will tell you that they want to do this again and again. This is a testament to how great this activity is.

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