Rafting And Kayaking In Nicaragua

Every single person out there that visited Nicaragua will tell you that this is a perfect destination for rafters and kayakers. The problem is that not many know about the world class rapids because of the fact that white water rafting access is quite difficult in the country. However, most of the paddling options are placed in calmer waters.

Kayaking In Nicaragua

Kayaking In Nicaragua

The really popular options for Kayaking will involve launching from Granada then going to Lake Nicaragua through Las Isletas. This is a really tremendous way to spend a relaxing time. This is due to the fact that the bird life is quite abundant, the entire lake is really calm and sharks are incredibly rare. Many of the birdwatchers will actually be forced to go kayaking, going towards La Isla de Ometepe. You can also enjoy kayaking around the Isla Juan Venado region, which is close to Las Penitas. This particular island is basically an ecological reserve. This is due to the protection of the Juan Venado mangroves and the dry forests present, together with crocodiles and birds.

Rafting In Nicaragua

Rafting In Nicaragua

There are not many people that can complete the rafting experience that is offered by Rio Coco, ranging from headwaters to the Caribbean outlet. It is a trip that is very difficult to deal with, taking you through various difficult rapids of a Class III and Class IV difficulty. Many of the regions that make up this rafting experience are portaged. It would be really difficult to raft towards launching points.

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You can start your experience at Waspam but other rivers can be considered. We warmly recommend that you are going to hire a guide since that will help you to deal with possible logistics problems and you will receive valuable information while on the Nicaragua rafting trip.

The High Adrenaline Adventure

You will want to consider Rio San Juan for a perfect paddling experience, one that is filled with dangers like crocodiles. It is a river that you can theoretically explore from one part to the next, to San Juan del Norte from San Carlos. However, that means that you are faced with a huge risk of being stranded. If you want the easy approach, you want to consider the area between San Carlos and the El Castillo Spanish fort. This is a river that is quite placid. However, there are some great rapids present in El Castillo. It is still a good idea to talk with a guide though.

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