The Best River Rafting in Australia

White water rafting is one of Australia’s most beloved outdoor activities. It provides an opportunity to share nature’s beauty with family and friends, giving you an unforgettable outdoor adventure.

This activity involves using an inflatable raft to navigate a body of water, usually done in groups under the supervision of an experienced guide. It makes for great entertainment and can be done by both beginners and experts alike.

The Tara River

The Tara River is a sought-after rafting destination for visitors from around the globe, known for its white water rapids, stunning scenery and thrilling adventure. Whether you’re after an adrenaline rush or simply want to spend quality time with family and friends, the Tara River is the ideal location.

The Tara River has created an extraordinary canyon, measuring 100 kilometers long and 1.3 kilometers deep – the second deepest in Europe (after Colorado’s Grand Canyon). Not only that, but its diverse flora and fauna – many of which are endemic – has earned this area protection as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Discover this truly remarkable natural phenomenon for yourself at The Tara River Canyon today.

Rafting in the Tara is an exhilarating and safe way to experience this majestic river, plus it’s an opportunity to meet new people from around the world. On your trip, you’ll be guided by professional guides who are knowledgeable about both the Tara and its environs.

Your guide can provide all the information you need about the canyon, its rapids and the area surrounding your raft. They are all licensed and certified to run rafting tours so that you feel secure throughout the entire day.

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When the river is at its height in April and May, it can present a variety of difficulties. On the other hand, in July and August the waters tend to be lower with less hazardous rapids.

If you’re interested in rafting, book a full-day trip down the canyon of the Tara River with an experienced guide and enjoy stunning views along the way.

Experience the Tara River like never before with its clear water, majestic white boulders and big waves. For best results, book your rafting trip early in the season as temperatures can soar quickly; staying comfortable under the hot sun for too long could prove uncomfortable.

The Tully River

The Tully River is a wild and fast waterway that offers some of Australia’s greatest rafting adventures. Renowned for its Class III to IV rapids, it’s perfect for experienced white water rafter who wants an exciting full day of whitewater action.

Your expert guide will be by your side throughout the experience, taking you through a safety briefing and outfitting you in high-tech equipment. Once on board, it’s time to scream your way through the rapids!

Rafting is an extreme sport in which groups of people descend a river in specially designed rafts for wild waters. Each raft can accommodate up to nine passengers and is guided by an experienced, IRF licensed guide.

Physical training and endurance testing, it’s an ideal way to release stress, bond with family or friends, and create unforgettable memories. You’ll get to explore the surreal landscapes of the rainforest while feeling the adrenaline rush of rushing down a rapid. It truly provides a unique way to experience nature at its finest!

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On the Tully River, there’s a wide range of rafting experiences to choose from, such as the thrilling ‘River Gates’ run through an incredible gorge surrounded by World Heritage rainforest. Additionally, you can embark on a half day adventure that involves navigating grade 3 and 4 rapids for over 12km in the Tully River.

This adventure is ideal for thrill seekers who seek a challenge, as you navigate the river’s narrow boulders and steep side streams. As you conquer rapids like ‘Sharks Tooth’, ‘Guides Mistake’, and ‘Himalayan Wrap’, be rewarded with breathtaking views of pristine rainforest vistas.

Tully River is a must-see in Far North Queensland, and this half-day trip offers you an unforgettable chance to explore some of its famous rapids. All equipment is provided, so you can sit back, relax, and take in the view!

Once picked up from your accommodation in Cairns, Mission Beach or Feluga, you will be transported to the Tully River for your rafting adventure. After receiving a brief safety briefing and donning high-tech gear, you’ll set off on your Tully River rafting adventure!

The Franklin River

The Franklin River, situated in Tasmania, Australia, is one of the world’s most stunning rivers. It runs through Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park and is a popular whitewater rafting destination.

The Franklin River Valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to an extensive Aboriginal culture. Archaeologists have discovered numerous dwelling caves and archaeological sites from the Ice Age that contain tools, artifacts, as well as remnants of people who once lived here.

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These caves were used for a variety of activities, such as hunting and gathering. Furthermore, there are burial grounds of both Native Australians and European settlers alike.

Despite human settlements, the Franklin River remains largely unspoiled and pristine. This provides an exceptional opportunity to explore nature’s beauty and experience the wilderness firsthand.

Rafting is an enjoyable outdoor activity for all ages and abilities; however, it requires certain levels of experience and expertise to fully enjoy. Therefore, it’s wise to seek out experienced guides for assistance when rafting.

When rafting, it is essential to be prepared for both weather conditions and terrain. Furthermore, wearing proper clothing and equipment is recommended in order to guarantee the safety of yourself and those close to you.

Most companies provide the necessary equipment, such as wetsuits and lifejackets. Furthermore, they offer safety briefings and transportation to and from rafting launch sites.

Rafting on the Kawarau River is best done during spring when water levels are at their highest. Although it’s possible to raft during wintertime, it is recommended that you check with the company first to confirm this option is available.

The Franklin River is a World Heritage site, renowned for its spectacular scenery and natural splendor. A number of rivers have been designated part of the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers Wilderness, making this an attractive destination for outdoor adventurers and inspiring conservation efforts alike.


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