Theme Parks In Washington D.C.

Theme Parks In Washington D.C.If you want to get away from monument and museum hopping in Washington D.C, which is a huge part of visiting the US capital, you may want to put some adrenaline in your trip and consider the theme parks that are available. While you will not have access to as many as near other American cities, there are two that you may want to visit and that will entertain you a lot.

Kings Dominion

Kings Dominion

Kings Dominion is quite close to the city and offers a really good selection of thrilling rides ranging from a dedicated water park area to various roller coasters. There is even an area that is dedicated to the young ones in Planet Snoopy. The park is well-maintained and clean, located 75 miles from the city, to the south, through Interstate 95.

If you decide to visit, you will want to experience the Intimidator 305, which is the fastest and tallest of the East Coast giga-coasters. This is a coaster that honors Dale Earnhardt, “The Intimidator”, a former NASCAR driver. Two lines are available with the coaster, one that is faster than the other. If this roller coaster is too intimidating for you, it is possible to choose out of others that are smaller or slower.

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Speaking about amenities, you will be well taken care of. There are various fast food options available and if you want some dessert, you will want to try the funnel cakes. 3 picnic areas are available for the visitors that pack their own lunch.

Six Flags – Baltimore/Washington, D.C.

Six Flags – Baltimore Washington, D.C.

You can get to Six Flags America in just15 minutes from the capital. It is the closest theme park to Washington D.C., a park that is quite well stocked with various thrill rides. The highlights are offered by various roller coasters with superhero themes like Ride of Steel, Batwing and Superman. The younger visitors will, most likely, enjoy the Looney Tunes area the most.

The signature ride that is offered by this theme park is, without a doubt, Batwing. Riders are basically suspended in a horizontal position. You basically get to feel as if you are flying as you go through various turns and twists. Riders are sometimes cruising on their backs while in other regions they find themselves on their stomachs. If you get Flash Passes, you can avoid the really long waits that are associated with this roller coaster.

Obviously, mild rides are also available, with the white water rafting option being highly popular. Speaking about water attractions, you surely want to also consider a trip on the Tornado.

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Besides the standard hot dogs and burgers, you can also eat at a Subway restaurant. In fact, there are various Subway restaurants available.

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