Things To Do In Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest is definitely a misunderstood city, one that not many know much about. While Romania’s perceived popularity is not actually great around the world, it does not mean that this is correct.

Every single country in the world has something special that you can experience and if you take a look at tourists that write about Bucharest, you will quickly notice the fact that the majority of articles are positives. It is clear to see why once you visit since the people are friendly and there are actually many things to do, even if the city is quite small. You would love a weekend getaway in the capital of Romania and here are some attractions you should consider.


By Mario Sánchez Prada under CC BY-SA 2.0


Free Walking Tours

A free walking tour is the best way to experience the architecture of the city, learn a lot of inside information and meet new people. Tours are available every single day and one thing that always stands out is that tour guides are really well informed. You will love the addition of most of the main tourist attraction sites in the city. The tours work on a donation system, which means that you are not obliged to pay a fee but are recommended to offer something if you feel great.

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Palace of the Parliament In Bucharest, Romania
By Dennis Jarvis under CC BY-SA 2.0


Visit The palace Of The Parliament

Most people do not know this but the Palace Of Parliament is actually the largest building on the continent. It is also the second one according to size in the world. It was built during the eighties and covers over 300,000 square feet. The building is estimated to have cost over 3 billion Euro. You can easily imagine how majestic the palace is.


The museum of the Romanian Peasant
By Gabriel under CC BY 2.0


Museum Of The Romanian Peasant

A colorful name but definitely something that does not make it justice for others from around the world. This museum actually takes you through the history of rural life of Romania, one that is filled with interesting facts that you will love. Just make sure that you take a guided tour because not much English is available in the museum and you may want to learn about what you see.

Grab A Beer In The Center Of The City

There is a region in the middle of the city known as Centrul Vechi. Romanians refer to the main area of a city as the center so the literal translation would be The Old Centre. This is also the region that reminds tourists why Bucharest was called Little Paris at one point in history. Simply walking along the streets around Lipscani is an attraction and you can stop at one of the many bars to experience some of the best beers in the world. Romanian beer is renowned and you can also get to drink many different imported beers.

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These are just some of the attractions and opportunities that are available in Bucharest. Although it is a little tough to find information, most of the locals will love the opportunity of talking to foreigners and showcasing various places that you would love, based on your personal wishes.

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