Romania’s Best Rock Climbing Destinations

With the diverse rock formations present in Romania it should be no surprise to see many interesting rock climbing spots for those that are interested in the activity. Most of the locations are going to be great for those that are not really beginners but you do not have to be very strong in order to enjoy this activity in the country. While there are various spots that can be highlighted, you may want to start with the ones mentioned below as they offer something special for tourists.

Muntii Apuseni – Apuseni Mountains

You can easily get to the rock climbing spots in the Apuseni Mountains from the city of Cluj. Most of the destinations will be limestone crags, with steep caves and various hard spots that can be explored. Check out the following spots if in the area:

  • Vadu Crisului

Close to the Hungarian border, this is a limestone canyon that will challenge you. There are no paths that take you through the canyon and various sectors are going to be flooded from time to time. Not many natural wonders exist since nature protection will not really be enforced in the region but different hard sport routes are available with many free camping places to consider.

  • Cheile Turzii
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This is quite a large gorge that is popular among tourists. Some long trad climbs and different hard sport routes will wait for you. Sport routes are often limestone cave overhangs. You will find it a little difficult to locate them alone so do be sure that you get in touch with the local mountain rescue team for some help.

  • Rimetea

This is a pretty large climbing area that is perfectly located close to a small village. Every single year an outdoor rock climbing competition is held hear. This basically leads to one new climbing sector being created. You can find many easy routes and the approaches will be steep but through trails that are marked.

Baile Herculane

This area only recently showed rock climbing development. That is mainly because of a competition that was held in 2014. Baile Herculane features many hard sport routes and simple routes. There are some old rock climbing routes that are long and traditional. When referring to the hard routes, the most well-known one will even feature a waterfall so your enjoyment will be high.

If you are in the area, be sure to also visit the Sohodol Valley. It is a canyon that will not initially attract you but climbing is of a high quality. There are many big limestone caves and vertical walls that you can investigate.

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Brasov is a really important tourist destination in the country so do expect to be surrounded by tourists. Fortunately, do not expect to see many rock climbers as this sport is not that popular in the country to start with. If you want to experience some great climbing, consider:

  • Tampa

A limestone crag in the city, 15 minutes away from the local cable car top, close to the sign that everyone sees in the city. Sport routes are available and if the weather is bad, you can go on some quick, short routes.

Close to Brasov you can also go rock climbing in Belvedere, Piatra Mare, Rasnov and Salomon. The difficulty in these areas is medium to hard. Accessible areas are available but not many can be mentioned. However, the harder climb is worth it since the setting is stunning, with many wonderful nature spots you can enjoy.

Remember that these areas are just some that are recommended. Many others can be enjoyed. A two weeks rock climbing vacation is recommended when doing this in Romania.

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