Tips for Surviving a Flight With Kids

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We’ve all been there – a long flight with a baby screaming the whole way, a toddler running up and down the aisle, and a kid kicking you from behind! It’s not pleasant when travellers are subjected to such woes, but what if they’re your kids?

Some parents give up trying to fly anywhere once they have children; worried that their little ones will wreak havoc on the entire crew and passengers, and while there are usually the odd one or two kids who do this there are also those that can be very well behaved. Going on holidays with your kids is such a wonderful part of family life but if you really are worried about surviving the flight here are some flight tips to help you on your way…

Choose a Broad Range of Activities to Bring

One of the biggest problems of flying is the lack of space. Travelling away from home can be quite stressful for young children as you’re taking them out of their comfort zone. As a result they often want to bring all their favourite toys with them. Unfortunately this just isn’t possible!

Allow your child to pick one or two small favourite toys to bring along, then you choose the rest. Obviously what you bring will depend on their age but the key is a good assortment. Colouring and activity books (don’t forget the pencils), and reading books can pass plenty of time, and if you have any travel board games (that don’t have hundreds of little pieces that can be easily lost) these can be good to keep the whole family occupied. A portable game system is also an excellent idea if you have one, as are movies that can be watched on a portable DVD player, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, especially if you don’t have in-flight entertainment.

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Surviving flight with kids
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Keep a Secret Weapon

By secret weapon I mean a toy or game that your child has never seen before; something new. When they start getting really grumpy and bored you can get this new toy out and extend your child’s happy time some more.

Healthy and Sensible Snacks

Many children like to eat when they get bored and although you don’t want to be constantly fuelling your kids with food it can help to pass a little time. Obviously if you’re on a really good airline, where the food is frequent and of a high standard then this will be less of a concern. However not all of us have the option of travelling in luxury! Giving them sweets is an easy option but really not a sensible one as you don’t want them buzzing around the plane full of sugar! Crackers, nuts, and fruit can be easy to pack and eat, and low sugar options would be best.

Choose Your Seats Carefully

With everything else on your mind choosing your seats may come as an afterthought, but it really shouldn’t. If possible, reserve your seats when you book your flight as that way you’ll get the best choice. You don’t want to find your family is split up as this can lead to extra upset for young children. Window seats are good as they get to look out, but would an aisle seat be more appropriate if they’re fidgety and will be using the bathroom often?

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A Clean Pack

Accidents can happen, and when you’re travelling by plane it’s not a good time. Bring some wet wipes with you but also pack a change of clothes in your hand luggage just in case a drink is spilt or there’s a more major accident!

First Aid and Medicines

Usually the crew on a plane will be able to supply you with headache pills and the like but it’s better to bring along the brand that you prefer. Many children suffer from motion sickness on planes so bring a child-friendly medicine that will help to settle their stomach. Ear ache is also another common complaint, and coughs and stuffy noses can occur because of the change in pressure and dry air. Following on, be sure to give your children plenty of water to keep them hydrated.

Keep Calm and Have Fun!

It may be easier said than done but as the parent you should try to keep calm and have fun. Children can sense when something is wrong so if you’re stressed out your mood is likely to rub off on them and they’ll become grumpier faster. Try not to let things get to you and instead take them in your stride, this way you’ll stay more relaxed!

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