Tips To Help You Enjoy Mississippi River Cruises More!

Imagine journeying the full length of the mighty Mississippi River, starting from New Orleans, LA to the city of St. Paul, MN. Taking this majestic river cruise is like experiencing the history of America’s Western frontier. A Mississippi River cruise can last anywhere from 1 day to 25 days. Depending on your length of stay, not only will you get to explore the river’s flora and fauna, but also many of the historic and commercial developments that occurred along its banks.

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Considering the exciting adventure that awaits you, Travel Tipsor recommends the followings tips to make the most out of your Mississippi River cruise:

Pack Light

This isn’t just for easier travel but also because most river cruises do not have formal nights. The attire is similar to country-club casual. Collared shirts and semi-long dresses will suffice.

Wining and Dining

Similar to ocean cruises, Mississippi River cruises have an “open seating” when it comes to breakfast and lunch. The dining experience is relaxed and buffet-style. Dinner on the other hand is somewhat different. To fully appreciate the entrees and drink accompaniments, guests are expected to arrive as soon as the dining room is open. Most river cruises have complimentary wine with your evening meal.

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Depending on the time of year you take your Mississippi River cruise, ensure you wear appropriate clothing. Carry a poncho or umbrella if required.


While enjoying the amenities of your river cruise, don’t forget to head outside, especially during the Golden Hour. This is a perfect photography moment close to sunrise and sunset. Unlike large ocean cruises, it is easy to spot this Golden Hour from a window. Most river cruises have a viewing area from where you can capture memorable moments.

Experience the river in the morning

At least once during your Mississippi River cruise, try to head out just before the sun rises. You will notice that the river appears silver in colour and a foggy mist rising up from the surface of the river. This is a tranquil and beautiful moment that should not be missed!

Check the itinerary

Since there are several river cruises that travelers can take, be sure to inquire about each of their itineraries. Many Mississippi River cruises have stop-overs at various locations along the river. This will give you an opportunity to get out and experience first-hand the influence of this majestic river on the local wildlife and human civilization.

Cruise provider

There are some river cruises providers are that are more suitable for certain age groups than others. For example, if you are planning on taking your children with you, then make sure there are plenty of activities for children to do aboard this cruise. Some river cruises cater to retirees and seniors and will therefore offer activities and recreational options appropriate for that age group.

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Taking a river cruise down the Mississippi River is a great way to take up a new travel adventure.

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