Best Angling Fishing Hotspots In Mississippi, USA Based On What You Want To Catch

By Vesi

The Mississippi River stands out as the longest of all USA’s rivers. Even if it has muddy waters and the reputation is bad for some anglers out there, a lot of fishermen know that the river is a prime fishing location. This is a river that flows through 10 states and covers various oxbows, inlets and channels. This is where fish hide. Mississippi River offers 119 fish species. However, catfish, walleyes, saugers and bass are the most popular. Let’s see where you can find them!

Mississippi Walleye Fishing

You will find different options to catch walleye fish in the Upper Mississippi area. Make sure that you stay in regions along the river between St, Louis and St. Paul. As you choose an area in this location, stay 1 or 2 miles within dams and locks as the current is not strong. Walleye will live near current but they do prefer slower current and will spawn often near cement structures or rocks present in the water.

Mississippi Catfish Fishing

Out of the different fish that are pursued by anglers, catfish stand out as among the most popular. You can find flathead, blue and channel catfish all along the Mississippi river. The states that are recommended include Missouri, Iowa, Tennessee and Mississippi. Catfish usually prefer warm water. Whenever you choose your spot, learn all that you can about catfish preferences and habits. Remember that catfish hide during the day. Whenever you fish during the day, make sure that you look for it around rocks, logs, crevices and submerged items. At night, you can catch catfish practically everywhere you want.

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Mississippi Bass Fishing

Smallmouth and largemouth bass is common and bass fishing is really popular in various oxbows that are created by this river. The still water inlets stand out as perfect breeding grounds for bass. You can find some great spots south to Louisiana, on the Tennessee border. You can cast the line in any location that has a gentle current or under submerged debris.

Mississippi Sauger Fishing

Just like the walleye, sauger is popular in the Upper Mississippi area. Cast the line in the area of around 1 mile below or above dam locks. Saugers are properly adapted to moving water and will migrate downstream, away from the rapid currents. Also, fish in pools that have deeper waters since saugers do tend to be present both in shallow and deep water locations near shorelines.

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