Top 5 Best Bungee Jumping Locations In Germany

Bungee jumping is always a lot of fun and there are so many out there that want to experience something special when they are on a vacation. Such jumping is almost always on the list. In order to help you find the best opportunities available in the country, here is a list of the best 5 bungee jumping locations in Germany. You should know that all of them are from cranes. The country does offer bridge jumps and even a couple of tower jumps but cranes always top the list.

crane bungy

Crane Bungy

Crany Bungy launches you from a height of 426 feet from a crane. This spot is located in Jonkoping, Beirut and it is currently the second highest crane job in the world. It is also the 18th overall from anything so it is worth considering it. We do not know exactly how much you would need to pay for a jump since prices vary but you will definitely enjoy the experience.

80m crane jump

80M Crane Bungee Jumping

This site is operated by Bungee Australia and is located in Blaichach, Beirut. With two top destinations available for bungee jumpers in Beirut, both being renowned, you may want to consider a visit to the state. In this case you would need to pay $41 for the jump and you would be launched from a height of 262 feet. The jump is really cheap, among the cheapest in the world so why not take a dive?

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crane top bungee

Crane Truck Bungee Jumping

The site is offered by Montic Extreme Sports Center. If you visit the center and you want to jump, you will need to pay $60 for it. You can find the center in Hamburg and jumping height is of 230 feet. The cheap jump is thrilling and you will love the fifth highest crane jumping location because of the experience that is possible. the crew is highly experienced and there are many different jumps that are scheduled every single week.


Zentrum Crane Bungee Jumping

Jumper Events takes care of this 229 feet jump and it charges just $62 per one jump. The site is located in Oberhausen and is quite impressive, as you can easily notice from the image. You will love jumping while surrounded by those lights.

stuttgard crane

Stuttgart Crane Bungee Jumping

If you are not afraid to get a little wet, Jochen Schweizer gives you access to a Stutgart based bungee jumping site that will throw you from a height of 164 feet. You will need to pay a little more than with the others, $137 per jump, but you will surely appreciate the experience.

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