Traveling Solo: A Women’s Guide to Staying Active During Adventures

Solo adventures are on almost every woman’s bucket list, but only a few get to live this dream. Spending some time in your own company can help you discover new aspects of your personality. A solo journey can work wonders for your confidence. Additionally, your adventures will likely boost your knowledge and skills, and also broaden your perspective.

If you are embarking on a solo journey, you need to prepare not only the stuff you’ll need to take along but also yourself. You need your body to provide full support to your mental resolve and goals. Eat right and exercise to prepare your body for the trip. Exercising and staying active even during your travels will help you make the most of your solo excursions. Some exercise a day keeps the fatigue, stress, aches, and strains away. Try it! Here are a few ways to stay active during your adventures:

Perform Basic Bodyweight Exercises

In an ideal world, every hotel/accommodation would have a gym with suitable timings. But this is not the case. You won’t always have access to a gym. But does that mean you have to skip your workout and compromise your fitness goals? Not at all. With bodyweight exercises, you can work out anywhere and everywhere you want. Also, you can exercise at the times convenient to you. Imagine exercising against a picturesque mountain or on the beach! You could work out with a waterfall as your backdrop. Not only will you achieve your fitness goals, but you will also have plenty of beautiful pictures and videos in this way. If you’re not comfortable working out in the open, you can easily do bodyweight exercises in the hotel room. If that’s also not your thing, you could book group skiing holidays for singles and make new friends whilst exercising.

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Pack Portable Exercise Equipment

You might forget or skip working out due to your tight itinerary. Prevent this and set yourself up for success by packing some lightweight portable exercise equipment. You could take along items such as a yoga mat, a lightweight foam roller, resistance bands, and grip strengtheners. Do not forget your sports shoes, stretchy leggings, and full-support sports bra. Also, as insurance against the imperfections of your diet in unfamiliar places, don’t forget to carry multivitamins for women.

Join Group Tours

Walking is the simplest and best form of exercise. It’s suitable for all ages and fitness levels, and it needs no special equipment (except good shoes, but you’ve probably packed those already). Walking can help you burn calories, so you don’t have to feel guilty about indulging in local delicacies. It can also help lower your blood sugar, boost your immune system, increase your energy levels, and brighten your mood. All of these benefits could help you enjoy your journey even more. Walking will seem less like a chore if you club it with your sightseeing activities. You could join hiking groups or guided walking tours. In this way, you’ll explore new places and meet your step target simultaneously.

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Participate in Local Activities

If you travel to a place and don’t immerse yourself in the local culture, you will miss out on valuable experiences. Participation in local activities is a way to get insights into the traditions, customs, and culture of the place. You can make new connections and experience the unique cultural aspects of your destination. Avail all these benefits while also boosting your activity levels through participating in local activities. Learn a regional dance or martial arts form, attend a cultural festival, participate in a local sporting event, or join a fitness class. Such activities will help you make the most of your time in the new place.

Exercise Even in Queues

Wherever you go for a vacation, you will be joining queues, right from the airport in your homeland to the ticket lines for exhibits, museums, and parks. Queues can be the most boring part of travel, but they don’t have to be. You can use this time to do subtle exercises such as calf raises, shoulder blade squeezes, and lateral neck stretches. If you use this tip the next time you have to stand in a queue, it won’t feel like such a waste of time.

Experience Adventure Sports

Seize your fears by their horns and experience an adrenaline rush by participating in adventure sports. If you’ve ever wondered what having superpowers would feel like, adventure sports can provide such an experience. The adrenaline rush during extreme sports can supercharge the strength of the body, sharpen vision and hearing, and boost alertness and focus. Physical exertion in adventure sports contributes to cardiovascular fitness and an overall improvement in health. So think about booking trips that include exciting adventure sports, such as group skiing holidays for singles.

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Prioritize Your Safety Along With Your Health

While you try to increase your activity levels, it is essential to be wise and cautious, especially because you are traveling alone. If you’re exercising outdoors, either do it in broad daylight or at least in well-lit and populated areas. It’s good to notify the hotel staff or some trusted people about your route and your expected time of return. Make sure your phone is charged before you step out, and vary your exercise times to avoid predictability. Stay vigilant throughout and trust your instincts.

Wrapping Up

A solo journey can be life-changing. When you get back from your solo journey, you’ll notice a change in your physical and mental strength. You’ll discover a resilience that you never even knew existed within you.

It’s not difficult to add exercise to your itinerary, but you need to get creative. Find ways to boost your commitment and motivation to exercise even during your travels. Empower yourself with sufficient exercise and a nutritious diet.

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