Quick Tuscany Biking Guide

Tuscany is a beautiful Italian region renowned for its superb landscapes and its rich history. The churches, palaces, museums and villages in the region are representative for the cultural heritage of Tuscany.

Tourists are also drawn to this region because of the mild climate and the famous hospitality of the Tuscan residents. From the fertile countryside and the beautiful coasts to mountain trails, picturesque villages and charming small towns, Tuscany offers many options for cyclists. Touring this wonderful region by bicycle is a great experience for both novice and experienced cyclists. Spring and fall are the best seasons to plan a bicycle tour in Tuscany because the weather is absolutely amazing, especially during March to June and September-October.

Best Bicycle Tours in Tuscany

Best Bicycle Tours in Tuscany

When it comes to choosing the best bicycle tour in Tuscany, tourists should decide between cycling and food tours, cycling and wine tours, cycling and architectural landmark tours in various Tuscan cities, cycling and road riding tours, countryside cycling tours and leisure cycling tours with artistic vibes. Selecting a bicycle tour in Tuscany is not an easy task since all the tours we mentioned offer amazing experiences and many opportunities to learn about the region’s culture, history, art and gastronomy.

Cycling and Cooking In Tuscany

Foodies from all over the world will fall in love with this type of Tuscan cycling tour. Discovering Tuscany’s cuisine and all its wonderful flavors while cycling through the magnificent landscapes of the region that will create the appetite for all the local food is a lovely adventure. Leave it to the Tuscan people to create the best cooking classes for tourists with fresh ingredients and delicious wine and they will surpass everyone’s expectations.

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Cycling and Wine Tour

Now that we mentioned wine, we have to talk about the cycling and wine tours that will allow tourists to discover vineyards located in the most confined villages. The ambiance in these small and beautiful Tuscan villages will make people forget about the stressful lives they are used to. The wine tasting, the savory pecorino cheese and the homemade pasta also play huge roles in the relaxation process. Cycling through the secluded valleys and seeing ancient monasteries and medieval forts will make tourists feel part of a different era, an era that was more patient and more in touch with the beauty of nature.

Cycling and Road Riding Tours Tuscany

Cycling and Road Riding Tours

When you combine cycling with culture and arts, you know you’ll have a great experience you’ll always remember dearly. The cycling and road riding tours in Tuscany offer the opportunity to ride the bicycle through beautiful regions like Chianti, on the stunning hills from Volterra and on the gorgeous coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Since these types of tours usually include at least a one night spent in every Renaissance city on the road, tourists will get the chance to explore the local culture and art.

Cycling, Nature and Culture Tours

If you cannot decide between the tours we talked about, you can always choose a tour that incorporates as many experiences as possible. There are a few tour operators in Tuscany that will try to offer a complete Tuscany experience. The only problem is that you need at least one week to be able to discover the nature’s wonders, the amazing architectural landmarks of the region and to cycle on the same trails some of Italy’s famous artists used as sources of inspiration for their art.

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