Short And Concise Algeria Trekking Guide

Algeria is a country with unique and diverse landscapes, spectacular sights, isolated villages and stunning terrain and untouched areas so what better way to discover this beautiful country than trekking? Whether you are an experienced trekker or a beginner, Algeria is the place that will offer you a fascinating journey. Considering the number of tour operators in the country that offer trekking tour, it is impossible not to find one that will satisfy your needs and desires. Some trekking tours last an entire week while other last only a day or a couple of days. There are also challenging trails that are recommended for experienced trekkers and trails that are less strenuous and more appropriate for beginners. We do not recommend trekking Algeria without a tour guide because you will miss out on the opportunity of learning about the cultural heritage of the country and you won’t be able to meet and talk to as many interesting people as you would during a guided tour. You may thing that having a pre-planned itinerary won’t allow you to explore as much as not having one but there are some companies in Algeria that are flexible and can create personalized itineraries for you and your group of friends.

Highlights Of Trekking In Algeria

All the national parks of Algeria offer incredible experiences and great opportunities to meet new people and discover rare plant species so don’t hesitate and embark on at least one guided tours through one of the parks. We highly recommend trekking through Belezma National Park, one of the most important national parks in the country and a place that contains 14% of the country’s flora. 59 of the protected animal species of the country also found shelter in Belezma National Park.

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Hoggar Mountains are also an amazing trekking destination for those who visit Algeria for the first time. From impressive mountain to unique rock formations and fascinating sand-dunes, Hoggar region truly represents the diversity of Algeria and it is great as an introduction to the country’s wonders.

Camel Trekking In Algeria

Algeria offers tourists the possibility to do more than walking on mountain trails and that is camel trekking through Sahara Desert. The destination is clearly worth exploring and journey through the desert means and unforgettable adventure guided by local tribe members that will also introduce tourists to their traditions and culture.

There are numerous trekking routes tourists can choose from depending on the duration of their tour. Trekking to Tassili n’Ajier is one of the most popular routes for tourists who try camel trekking for the first time. The UNESCO Heritage Site is where tourists will find mesmerizing and unique rock formations, numerous caves that feature ancient cave art but this site is also home to endangered plant and animal species.

We already mentioned that Hoggar Mountains are one of Algeria’s highlights and a place first time visitors of the country must see. What we didn’t mention earlier is that this region can also be reached by camel trekking. The trek last approximately one week but the destination is worth all the effort and long days spent camel trekking.

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