Whitewater Rafting Locations That Will Blow Your Mind

Those who have discovered the new side of life experienced with adrenaline and excitement on the lands of wilderness have definitely become whitewater rafting enthusiasts as well. You could become one of them if you envision yourself strapped on life vests and proper helmets in order to bounce and paddle your way over turbulent rapids. It can be a fun way of reliving any stress you have left and living freely.

Rafting has increased a lot in popularity in the last few years. Whereas in the past, there were few of those who had the courage to embark on such adventures, nowadays more and more people find themselves enjoying such thrilling activities. This is why today we will consider a list of best places in the world for whitewater rafting to help you choose the next location of the greatest adventure of your life. Discover them below!

Colorado River, Grand Canyon

Colorado River is a great watery marvel that winds for up to 226 miles through Colorado, Arizona and Utah. It is also the location that has become the most popular rafting destination in the world. You can experience it all there: the powerful rapids as well as the calm, unique view of the canyon on breaks.

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Such a journey offers rafting enthusiasts a unique experience of ultimate adventure on water surrounded by breath-taking landscapes. The dry land nearby will also attract your attention through ancient Indian ruins as well as a wide range of hiking trails ready to let you embark on a new adventure.

Zambezi River, Zimbabwe

Next on our list of natural marvels waiting for your next rafting experience is Zambezi River, Zimbabwe. You will find yourself on the magical land of Victoria Falls where you get the adrenaline you need just from admiring the marvelous scenery.

The rivers there are not meant for beginner rafting experiences. Almost half of them are graded Class IV which means that you must have some previous experience or engage in organized rafting tours in the area. You will have the chance to witness the dramatic drops as well as the massive river swells.

Get ready to meet the wild life in all of its glory there. Do not be surprised if you might see crocodiles or massive hippopotamuses up close during your rafting experience. They are part of the natural marvel that makes up this amazing touristic region.

Ottawa River, Canada

We have now reached the third place on our list of amazing locations for those with a passion for rafting. This place is taken by the Ottawa River in Canada. This is also regarded as one of the top destinations for rafters looking to have some fun no matter what level of skills they might have.

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This location offers you the chance to experience rafting in a totally different way through lukewarm and calm water stretches. It is the perfect option for your yearly adventures with friends who share your passion.

All in all, you cannot say that you have lived well until you have experienced this as well. Choose one of the best locations in the world for your next rafting adventure and you will come back home with valuable memories to share.

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