Why even the most adventurous vacations should include R&R

Have you ever come home from a vacation exhausted, drained, and feeling in need of another break? Those of us who love adventure travel often find that our vacations end up being more tiring than our regular lives and sometimes even leave us more in need of rest than before, however exciting the trip was.

Rest and relaxation are a vital part of all vacations. Even the most adventurous trips need to include a little downtime; otherwise you risk burning out and taking away the crucial benefits of time off. Take a look below to learn a little more about why rest and relaxation are so important and why event the most adrenaline-packed adventures should give you space to switch off as well.

Why is R&R so important?

People tend not to take enough breaks from work or day-to-day life. Around 40% of Americans don’t use all their vacation days, and 61% work while they are on vacation. But taking a proper break with proper R&R is important. It has huge benefits in all sorts of unexpected ways. Relaxing properly increases personal happens, makes you more productive at work and in your personal life, improves physical and mental health, and improves your relationships. As a result, ensuring that you take proper vacations, and ensure that you have enough genuinely relaxing moments during those vacations, is incredibly important for a happy and healthy life.

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Why you need to plan R&R in your vacations

It can be easy to get swept away when you are on vacation. You’ve only got so much time off from work, so the natural instinct is to take full advantage and pack in everything you want to do regardless of how long you have to do it. But this can lead to every experience being rushed and can make the whole vacation a more stressful experience than it should be.

How do you ensure your trips have enough R&R?

It might sound counterintuitive, but it is vital to plan your relaxation carefully! Build a cruising itinerary with rest days, including time specifically for doing nothing, and always allow more time than you think you need to do things like getting ready for dinner or traveling between attractions. Little things like adding in some time for watching the sunset or doing a morning yoga class can make the difference between coming home rested and refreshed or needing a vacation to recover from your vacation!

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