Canopy Camping In South Wairarapa, New Zealand

Those interested in canopy camping in South Wairarapa, New Zealand do not have many options available. However, this does not mean that it is not something that you have to consider since the main site where you can stay in a canopy is Kawakawa Station, which is definitely something that you will enjoy. With fees starting at $180 per night and sleeps of up to 9, this is an interesting family trip destination that you do want to consider if you want to relax.

Let’s talk more about Kawakawa Station and see what you can do there while canopy camping in South Wairarapa, New Zealand. You can obviously also use your own canopy but since this site has all you need, you may want to leave yours at home this time.

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More About Kawakawa Station

This canopy camping site is located right on a 4,000 acre sheep station. It is a really private encampment that is designed to tailor for groups of people. The campsite area is made out of luxury tents, 2 safari-style homes, a camp bathroom and a big outdoor kitchen.

The site is designed for larger groups of people, families or friends that go on a holiday together. It does not matter if you travel as a couple though as you do not have to share accommodations.

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The main reason why you want to consider canopy camping in South Wairarapa, New Zealand is that you get the opportunity of escaping the modern world’s madness while reconnecting with nature. Kids will be entertained and you have various different things that you can do on-site and close-by.

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Activities Available

Besides the obvious relaxing that you will definitely want to be a part of, you can also go on various walks that are great due to the scenery that is practically everywhere you look. The outdoor bath is great and there are many on-site games, possible activities and puzzles that are available for you.

Locally, you can always visit the Ngawi fishing bulldozers, go on the Pinnacles Walk and visit the really interesting Cape Palliser Lighthouse. If you want to go surfing, you should do so and take the board with you on the trip since Ngawi is actually a world renowned surf site.

If you came with your car, we recommend that you enjoy a really nice lunch at Lake Ferry Pub, which is just 25 minutes away by car. Those interested can go on a wine tour and you will definitely want to visit Wairarapa’s stonehenge version, located next to Martinborough.

Canopy camping is always a lot of fun and we cannot actually compare the comfort offered with regular tent camping. If you want to visit a spot that is truly relaxing in New Zealand, this is it!

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