Zip Lining in Costa Rica

One of the best ways to explore Costa Rica’s incredible wilderness is via zip lining! In fact, this adrenaline-pumping activity was first invented here!

Monteverde Cloud Forest offers visitors an unforgettable adventure, complete with modern aerial tram rides to reach the first platform on each of 12 intertwining lines zigzagging across the landscape and featuring Tarzan swings and hanging bridges for an other-worldly journey.


Monteverde offers visitors seeking thrilling zip line experiences a delightful destination in Costa Rica. Situated among cloud forest reserves and wildlife sanctuaries that host various species of flora and fauna – such as the resplendent quetzal bird – Monteverde provides visitors with ample opportunities to hike through forests or explore canopy via suspension bridges and zip lines.

Monteverde boasts some of the highest cloud forests in Costa Rica and are breathtaking to behold. Their dense green fog engulfing trees gives Monteverde a dream-like quality, which adds another special charm.

In the 1950s, several Quaker families fled Alabama in order to avoid military conscription and start new lives in Monteverde. Settling into mountain communities and setting aside land for conservation purposes, they eventually created what is today known as Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve in the 1970s.

Monteverde is well-known for its breathtaking zip lining activities. As the world’s premier destination for zip lining tours, this area also offers other adventures like hiking and mountain biking.

Monteverde is known for its picturesque scenery and great zip lining opportunities, but highland temperatures may prove challenging for zip lining enthusiasts. Therefore, it is recommended to pack an appropriate jacket, binoculars and extra water and snacks just in case.

If you plan to go zip lining in Costa Rica, some safety rules should always be observed. Wear a helmet and gloves at all times while making sure that your harness fits securely; furthermore, always pay attention to where you are traveling through and follow directions from your guide.

Monteverde zip line tour companies often provide additional exciting experiences, like “Tarzan swinging” and rappelling, that make the tour memorable and entertaining for families or groups of friends looking for an adventure. An ILP group recently went with Nativo and were delighted by their experience – noting how friendly the staff was while flying through treetops on 18 zip lines and an incredible Tarzan swing while taking in breathtaking views from their platform!

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Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio region offers travelers looking for adventure an amazing range of outdoor activities to experience Costa Rica’s rich biodiversity in its purest state. Here, travellers can take part in numerous exciting excursions such as hiking and zip lining; all are sure to find something worthwhile in this beautiful destination.

Manuel Antonio is famously home to its namesake national park and offers world-class beaches, jungle hikes and wildlife sightings. Additionally, Manuel Antonio boasts many luxurious resorts and hotels with breathtaking views and amenities; many of these properties have even received recognition for their environmental sustainability initiatives.

The ideal time to visit this region is during its dry season, from December through April. Parks tend to be less crowded during this period and weather conditions make for ideal outdoor activities.

Manuel Antonio boasts not only lush tropical rainforests, but also many different species of plants and animals. An estimated 90% of native animals inhabit the canopy of its rainforest; zip lining offers an exciting way to explore this ecosystem without being as risky or daredevilish as skydiving! Even experienced Tarzans and Janes will find this thrilling.

There are various zip lining tours in Costa Rica, from canopy lines and canyon routes, to one of the most popular experiences: Mountain Top Park Costa Rica offers platforms and rope bridges over a canyon over a river for all ages and fitness levels at $150 for an entire day’s adventures.

Manuel Antonio offers more than just zip lining; its beaches, jungle trails and stunning scenery attract visitors from around the world. However, Manuel Antonio may be more costly than other Costa Rican towns so if possible it is recommended that you stay outside its park in places such as Esterillos or Uvita.

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Matapalo, Costa Rica is an often-overlooked town that boasts an abundance of activities for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Offering breathtaking hiking trails, wildlife encounters and mesmerizing waterfalls – plus being home to Corcovado National Park (one of the world’s most biodiverse places).

Matapalo is an ideal destination for surfing enthusiasts, offering some of the finest waves in the country. Set amid dense rainforests with an unspoiled wilderness ambience, Matapalo makes an excellent getaway from everyday stressors.

Matapalo offers many activities for visitors of all kinds to do – from snorkeling and diving, hiking and zip lining, as well as visiting Cano Island (famous for its beautiful mangroves) which is only accessible via boat from Playa Matapalo beach – there are even companies providing guided trips!

Experience the thrill of zip lining in Costa Rica for yourself; it is an exciting way to experience its natural beauty. There are various tours available, including Diamante Eco Adventure Park’s popular Superman-style course, Tarzan swing, and 30-foot free fall; perfect for adventurous travelers!

Although some might see zip lining as being dangerous and exciting, it is actually very safe and enjoyable. Our guides are trained and have years of experience behind them to ensure all guests remain comfortable throughout their experience. Zip lining also makes for an exciting way to see the country as it provides visitors with a breathtaking bird’s-eye view of lush jungle canopy; visitors may spot monkeys, birds and other wildlife up above; it gives an exclusive insight into tropical paradise!

Matapalo is an unexplored gem that should be on everyone’s travel bucket list. However, please remember that this region of Osa Peninsula remains relatively underdeveloped so plan your visit carefully and seek expert advice so you can maximize your visit to Matapalo and its environs.

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Costa Rica is famed for its breathtaking tropical nature and adventurous activities, including hiking through lush forests, whitewater rafting on rivers, surfing beautiful beaches and scuba diving reefs. But one of the most amazing experiences you can have here is an exciting canopy tour adventure!

Canopy tours are zip line adventures that allow participants to fly over rainforest canopy for an aerial perspective of its vibrant natural environment below your feet. This exciting activity is safe enough for most individuals – even children! You will be securely attached to a harness throughout your tour by an experienced guide who will lead the tour and ensure everything runs smoothly.

As it doesn’t require too much exertion, nearly anyone can enjoy a Costa Rica zip line adventure. It provides an enjoyable way to see its picturesque and diverse landscapes without becoming physically fatigued; plus it makes an excellent family activity because it can be done safely all year round!

Canopy tour providers in the country adhere to stringent safety measures when offering tours for customers. These providers use double cables, double harnesses and top-of-the-line equipment; plus they conduct regular maintenance checks on their lines in order to guarantee maximum protection for all participants.

Arenal Volcano and La Fortuna are two of the best places in Costa Rica for canopy tours, boasting breathtaking views of rainforests and the Arenal Volcano as well as some truly epic jungle ziplines. Some of the top canopy tours in Costa Rica include two-hour trips at Diamante canopy park where guests can glide like Superman over an entire mile-long ocean view line and even do a 30-foot free fall Quick Jump!

Closed-toe shoes should always be worn when embarking on a canopy tour, as flip flops may slip off the cables and put your feet at risk while flying through the air. Also bring sunglasses or a cap with you to protect your eyes from bright sunrays or raindrops that might fall during your zip line adventure.

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