Paragliding From Babadag Mountain, Turkey

Babadag Mountain is a really interesting option that is available for those looking for a great experience in Turkey, with an elevation that goes higher than 6,000 feet in the main summit. A secondary summit is also available at an elevation of 4,500 feet, called Karatepe. Most of the mass is made out of limestone, noted for the rich flora offered. In addition, the summit is close to the see, just under 5 kilometers away. That is why it is such a great location for paragliding.

We have 3 peaks available:

  • 1700 meters – south
  • 1800 meters – north
  • 1960 meters – top

As a recommendation, you may want to fly towards Butterfly Valley instead of Belcekiz Beach, which is not a good landing site. Butterfly Valley is reachable through a paraglider or a boat. You can hang out with people that are really welcoming in the region and it is a guarantee you will appreciate the opportunity. Getting to the paragliding sites usually happens by car (1 hour ride) from Oldenize or from the Dalaman Airport.

Paragliding In Babadag

Babadag Mountain 2

The truth is that some of the launch sites from Babadag mountain are really tough and are tailored for experts. However, there are also options that are available for the beginner, with an experience that will last you a lifetime. If you are particularly worried, you can always go for a tandem fight together with a more experienced fighter.

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In Turkish, Babadag means “father mountain”. Just like a father, it is sometimes harsh and sometimes soft. You should not consider paragliding right from the top of the mountain if you do not have proper equipment. This is because of the fact that the ice sheets there never actually melt. With this in mind, you would end up feeling quite cold if you do not actually have proper clothes.

Babadag Mountain

Make sure that you talk with the operator before you go so that you can get a video taken of the flight. You may want it as proof that you actually conquered the Babadag Mountain. After you experience something that will last a lifetime, you will want to also go towards the lower parts of the mountain as you can experience hiking or even a picnic. Going up the mountain does not offer you the possibility to shop and there are no restaurants so you need to be sure that you take food with you.

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